Planning my birth…


My pregnancy is flying by so quickly and with only 10 weeks left I’m starting to plan my birth. I was Mallory’s birthing parter alongside Joe and it was definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Everyone always asks me if it put me off but if anything it made me more excited. Mallory had a fairly straight forward labour, she started having contractions on the Thursday night and gave birth on Saturday morning. She went through labour with only gas and air and a few paracetomols which was amazing. She pushed in total for about 40 minutes which is fairly short compared to some woman so she was really lucky. Watching my neice come into the world was the best day of my life and the overwhelming love I felt after seeing her for the first time was just crazy. God only knows how Mallory must have felt and how I’m going to feel about my own little boy. I can’t wait to experience it on the other side with Korey and Mallory helping me through.


The connection you make with your baby after carrying them for so long and spending everyday changing and growing with them is really hard to explain. I just can’t wait to finally meet him. If I’m honest I’m pretty scared about birth itself. Although I’m super excited I just can’t help think about the crazy pain I’m going to be in. Saying that, I’m hoping to have a fairly natural birth but I’m not totally against other things if needs be. Something that is really helping me relax and unwind in pregnancy is warm bubble baths, so I’m debating whether a water birth is something I want to go for. When mallory was having contractions a bath was all she wanted and we struggled to get her out and to the hospital in the final stages! I remember giving her a beautiful blow dry ready for labour before her contractions got really bad and then later watching her dunk her head under water ruining it. I think what I’ve realised is anything can happen and not to plan too much as I don’t want to be disappointed if it doesn’t go to plan. I can’t wait to share my birth with you all very soon!



Mallory bought me this book which she had in her pregnancy too and really loved. It’s called Bump to Birthday which she bought on Amazon. I’d really suggest it to anyone expecting. It’s a lovely way to keep track of everything that happens in your pregnancy which is so easily forgotten sometimes. First times you feel kicks and movements etc. It’s so nice to look back at Mallorys and compare our experiences. It goes on up until their first birthday which helps you log precious things your baby does along with dates. I love filling mine in and gives me that little bit of time to just sit there and think all about him and appreciate how amazing pregnancy really is. Love H xx


What’s inside my bag…

I love handbags and always feel so naked if I ever leave the house without one. It’s such an essential item and always adds so much to your outfit. I’m obsessed. My new favourite bag is this Louboutin sweet charity bag. It’s the perfect size to fit all my bits and bobs in without it being super heavy.


  1. My sunglasses. Even though it’s approaching winter I always carry these around with me in hope for the sun! They also cover quite a lot of my face so if I’m leaving the house without makeup they come in really handy.
  2. Compact tangle teezer is a must in every handbag. It’s the perfect size to sort out windswept hair.
  3. My favourite perfume is Gucci Flora, I go through this so quickly but always love the small bottles to fit in my handbag. I wear this in the winter and summer, it’s gorgeous. It’s always on my christmas list, every year!
  4. MAC Lipstick or gloss. (in my case both) Speaks for itself, how could you ever leave the house without it? I wear a few colours but usually pack Velvet Teddy.
  5. Carmex.. the best lip balm ever. I always apply this with my lipstick throughout the day to stop my matte lipstick drying out my lips. Its so hydrating and great in this weather for really chapped lips.
  6. I always carry a nail file in my hangbag as I absolutely hate catching my nail on something while out and having to just leave it.
  7. We live in a little village so I drive everywhere, my car keys are always with me along with the cutest charm. (from H&M)


Love H xx

Baby shower flash back….

I’m currently planning to host Hatties baby shower at my house in a few weeks time and couldn’t be more excited. I love event planning and I hope it will be a really lovely day to celebrate her pregnancy and the eagerly anticipated arrival of her little boy. (I am so excited to be an Auntie!) For a bit of inspo I have been looking back at the baby shower Hattie threw for me at my aunties house last year, it was such a perfect day and I loved every minute of it.

photo 2


For my baby shower we had afternoon tea and champagne (pink lemonade for the heavily pregnant me!) I found some really great decorations from Not on the high street. Including personalised bunting which looked so pretty and was a really lovely touch. My mum made sweet trees with lollipops and marshmallows which looked really amazing. We baked lots of Cupcakes, my favourites were the lemon meringue cupcakes and the cupcakes we decorated with mini meringues dipped in edible glitter and edible jewels. These looked and tasted incredible and something I think I will have to have at Hattie’s baby shower.

photo 3

We played loads of games which were so much fun and really got everyone involved. My favourite games were the Guess the baby food game, to play this game you need an assortment of baby foods, you need to remove the labels and number them, the game organiser must take note of which food is which and everyone else has to taste each food and write down what flavour they think they can taste, some of the flavours (cauliflower cheese) stand out in my memory as being particularly disgusting!

Another great game was the dirty nappy chocolate game. For this game a variety of chocolate bars are melted into separate nappies and guests have to sniff and taste to guess what chocolate bar is in each one. It sounds gross! But is really very funny and had everyone in fits of giggles.

photo 4

After all the games and food we opened presents, everyone was so generous and we received so many beautiful gifts I was left feeling really overwhelmed and grateful for such lovely friends. Hattie was an amazing host as usual, she made the day run so seamlessly! I had such a lovely relaxing time which is often hard to do at your own party. I hope she enjoys her baby shower as much as I did. We will post all about her shower soon for you all, I am getting really excited for it now!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my Baby shower, we would love to hear about your baby showers that maybe you’re planning, espescially if you have any good ideas for Hattie’s shower to help me out.


Nights in knightsbridge…

I love Kinghtsbridge, Harrods and Harvery Nichols especially around Christmas time when it’s all lit up with lights looking beautiful. There are so many great restaurants and bars in the area and it’s perfect place to go for some late afternoon shopping followed by cocktails and dinner. For pre dinner cocktails we went to the 5th floor bar in Harvey Nichols they do the most amazing cocktails which are always presented looking incredible.


Buddha Bar is a really cool place that I would recommend if like me, you love aisian food. The quality and presentation is always perfect and has to be one of my favoruite places for date night. Inside it’s really dark with only candle light, making it such a romantic setting with a great calming atmosphere. They have the most amazing dragon chandlers hanging either side of their stair case, the attention to detail is so beautiful.


My all time favourite cocktail is the Strawberry Dragon. It’s seriously delicious! My must order food are the spicy mango rolls, the crispy tuna tatiki and the rock shrimp to start. They are all amazing! We had the red seafood curry and duck breast for our main course this time, I would really recommend the seafood curry especially, it was incredible! I need to know how they make it so good.

photo 2-4

photo 1-3



After dinner we headed just next door to the BVLGARI Hotel for our final cocktail before heading home. It’s really lovely and cosy in there with a beautiful fire and big comfy sofas, they have huge jars of sweets with serve yourself bags. It smells incredible. It’s a really chilled vibe perfect for a nightcap. I hope I’ve given you some ideas for a future date night in London and you love it as much as me. M xx





Babies who travel….
photo 1

Our first journey to visit my parents in Norfolk resulted in a screaming baby covered in sick and two very shell shocked parents! Most babies love the motion of the car and will drift off to sleep very quickly.. Not our baby! We soon learned that it was best to travel at times she would usually be sleeping so when making a long three hour drive to Norfolk, we tended to do it around her usual 7 o’clock bedtime, putting her into her car seat ready for bed. Since our first trip Blythe has improved massively as a traveller. She’s still not a huge fan of the car but we know we can entertain her now with a combination of toys, books, singing and snacks so we are not always restricted to travelling in the evening.

Your holiday will undoubtly be different from holidaying as a couple because you have to incorporate your child’s needs into your desire to relax and unwind. Gone are the days of lounging on a sunbed all day only moving too ensure an all round tan! But don’t worry you can still get some relaxation, try and find a balance. Take it in turns with your partner to switch off and relax whilst one of you enjoys time with your little one. That way you both get the relaxation you need and can also enjoy one on one bonding time with your baby.

photo 2

For our first family holiday we decided to go somewhere we had been before so that we knew exactly what to expect from the weather, hotel and flight. Mallorca is only 1HR40 away. It was a stress free experience with Blythe sleeping for most of the plane journey. We love the hotel we stayed in the Jumeairah Port Soller, it has amazing views of the mountain and sea. The only downside is it a has lots of steps and is built on lots of levels so navigating around the hotel can be tricky especially with a pram. Saying that, we had an amazing time and would recommened it to anyone looking in that area.

photo 5

I would really recommend Mallorca for a first family trip, it’s very family friendly and the quick flight makes it so easy. Do some research before deciding on your destination, get recommendations from friends with kids. Our second holiday to Dubai was also great although it’s a much longer flight time at around 7HRS, it’s really child friendly. (Be aware though that some resturants don’t allow babies in the evenings) Most hotels in Dubai offer nannying and babysitting services although we didn’t try them out lots of friends of ours have done and say they’re fab!

photo 2-2

 There is often time to kill at the airport, but theres also lots going on that little ones will be fascinated to watch. Look out for family lounges in airport, something I never knew existed and stumbled upon by accident. Heathrow had a great one featuring a soft play area, TV, games room and a nursing room. It kept Blythe entertained and killed some time.

The younger the baby the easier it can be as they are happy to be in your arms and need a lot more sleep, at Blythes age she is on the move and wants to explore everything so it can be hard to keep her occupied! My advice would be to keep alternating your entertainment to stop them from getting bored. Take a few strolls up and down the isle for a change of scene. Babies can suffer form sore ears so sucking from a bottle, cup or breastfeeding can help calm them and lessen the pressure on their little ears.
On long haul flights a basttinet is usually available, even if your baby won’t sleep in this it’s great to have the extra space and leg room! Just as adults may feel more thirsty on a long flight, the same is true of a baby so make sure you are giving them plenty of fluids.


Airplanes are very quiet, something you probably never noticed before having a child. My advice is try not to feel anxious that your child is making too much noise, children will be children and babies especially have no concept of sound control. It’s never nice when you feel your child is disrupting the peace but try and remain calm.
Your baby will feed off your energy and if your anxious they often will be to.

photo 1-2

Most of all try and enjoy yourself, you will be creating special memories you will cherish for years to come. Laugh off any disasters together. I would love to hear any stories from your first holidays with your baby!

M xx

Pretty in Pink …

Every little girls wardrobe needs pink, but it doesn’t always have to be super girly, here are a few cool pink items that are a little bit different that would be a great addition to any little wardrobe. I’ve chosen some things that I think are super fun but allows your little one to keep comfy. I just love this floral and stripe print from MOLO, it’s such a soft fabric with a matching dribble bib perfect for stylish little ladies.




I find leggings are great, my daughter lives in them as they are perfect for the crawling stage and allows them to move comfortably without things getting in the way. Although you want them to look good it’s important to pick things that don’t irritate them and still lets them get on with running riot around the house. There are some great peices here that tie in perfectly with the pink October theme and will have your little one looking pretty in pink.



My favourite piece is this super cute all in one. I love the bird embroidery, it really stands out making it look so pretty. This would make such a lovely present for a new baby as the fabric is so soft and comfy. It’s really different to something you’d find on the highstreet which makes it a really unique present. Check out MOLO, they are a really cool kids brand with some amazing pieces. Hope you love them as much as we do! M xx


Dubai the desert city….

Dubai is such a great destination where you are guaranteed sunshine pretty much all year round. The best time to travel to Dubai is November to April with the temperature ranging between 24-35C, making the evenings warm with a nice breeze. Having lived in Dubai for a year I know the city pretty well, although it’s constantly changing with new hotels being built all the time. Even though there is always a new hotspot, I still love to visit my old favs!


My favourite hotel has always been The One and Only Royal Mirage. It’s traditional Arabic style, they pay so much attention to detail with such beautiful flowers and candles everywhere. You walk the coridors and just think wow! I love the resturant Euzone, it’s always my first choice when coming to Dubai. It’s set over the water and has such a romantic setting for dinner. My favourite starter there has to be the scallops. Make sure you try them if you go!! They also have The Jetty lounge which is a really chilled out bar on the beach with amazing cocktails and such a peaceful setting.

This year we stayed at the Anatara on the palm, with a lagoon access room. This was amazing as we could access the lagoon pool directly from our terrace which is like having your own private pool. Despite the hotel being full, it’s so quiet and peaceful and we barely see anyone around. It’s so lovely and relaxing! It’s perfect with a baby as it means we can nip back to the room for things and so easy to put her down for naps. It’s definitely made our holiday stress free. Our terrace has sun loungers so we don’t have the stress of running to the main pool to reserve beds which has been perfect for us.


Our favourite evening here so far has been the beach BBQ that they put on every Wednesday, it’s right by the sea on the beach lit with candles. It really is such a beautiful setting and the food was brilliant. They recommened this amazing drink to me which was typical over the top dubai style. It was delicious.



M xx

I also went to Dubai earlier this year in May as it’s definitely one of mine and Koreys favourite places to go. We stayed in the Atlantis after hearing amazing things and we weren’t disappointed. It’s a huge hotel with its own small shopping mall and over 20 restaurants, you really don’t have to leave the hotel. This was perfect for us as I was suffering badly with morning sickness while we were there. My favourite restaurant was the Sea Fire Steak House, the food is beautiful and has a lovely atmosphere. Nobu is also on site and well worth a visit, even if it’s just for a drink. The presentation of the food and drink is amazing and well the food, it’s to die for!




I would really recommend this resort for families too as there’s so much to do in the resort you don’t have to worry about entertaining eleswhere. One of our favourite places to go is the water park on site which is free to guests staying in the resort. It has some of the most amazing (and scary) water slides and offers loads of other water activites, this year we swam with dolphins which was incredible.


As well as 2 pools to choose from, Atlantis has it’s own private beach and Nasami beach. Our favouirte was Nasami beach as the service was fab and it had a real buzz to it over the weekend with live music and DJ. It has a restaurant that is great for lunch and dinner, we ate most of our lunches here indoors under the aircon!!


H xx

It’s a girls world..

Having always been a girly girl I was so excited when I found out I was having a girl. I instantly began planning her room and buying her outfits. I wanted her nursery to be a really pretty, girly room with a shabby chic french feel to it. I wanted it to be light, bright and whimsical with pretty accessories. Somewhere both she and I would enjoy relaxing and playing together.


For her nursery I chose a colour scheme of white and pink with accents of gold. I chose French style White furniture from Boori. I wanted the cot to be a real center piece and i love the grand princess feel it adds to her room. Her cot is the Boori royal sleigh cot bed  with under bed storage, at £899 it is one of the more expensive options but I fell in love with it and it came with a five-year warranty and is amazing quality. I’m hoping that investing in a more expensive cot bed will mean it can be used for her future siblings.  Slightly cheaper but similar options are the ‘Martha sleigh cot bed’ from John Lewis at £300 and the Silver cross nostalgia bed at £500.


 I love the gold letter B above her bed which I got for £38 from Posh graffiti, it is something she will hopefully have in her room for years to come. You can get  great quality letters from Posh graffiti in a variety of size’s and colours and they really give the room a sense of identity making it unique to your child. You can display your child’s initials or using smaller letters you could spell out their full name or meaningful words.

Bourn Sitsters bookshelf

A focal point of her room is the box shelves above her changing table. To accessorise her shelves I stocked up on my childhood favourite books from Beatrix potter and pretty hard-backs such as Lewis Caroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ These not only look great but mean you have great stories to read to your little one. I love the bunny light on her shelves from The White Company, it’s perfect for late night and nappy changes as it gives of a soft glow. As she grows up it will be great as a bedside nightlight. At the moment The White Company have a gorgeous castle shaped light, a pirate ship, plane or elephant, ranging from £59- £75 they would all provide a similar effect.

M xx

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