A trip to the hairdressers…..


I love going to get my hair done. The feeling after a new colour and cut is just the best. My hair has been in desperate need for a full head colour and cut but I’ve had so much on its sometimes hard to find the time to fit it in. I’ve lived in quite a few places in my time so sticking to one trusty hairdresser is literally impossible for me. I usually do quite a bit of research into salons in the area and look at reviews and pictures to narrow down which salon to pic. I’ve been to a few in Bristol but the one I use regularly now is Bonomini Salon in Clifton. I’ve had my hair coloured and cut here before and always genuinely really love the outcome.


I also think it’s important to feel really pampered when you’re in a salon, it’s a few hours of relaxation for some people so I believe you should leave feeling like you’ve been properly looked after. The service is always really amazing here and they do such lovely drinks and flapjacks.


I’ve had a few people ask me what colours I have in my hair and I’ve never really known as I’ve changed salons so much. Today Carly my hairdresser used a highlift tint (better for your hair than bleach) mixed with medium and dark blondes with ash tones. I love the colour it’s created. It’s perfect for winter and taken out the yellow tones I had adding a much cooler feel.



 I used to hate having my hair cut but now it’s one of my favourite things, getting rid of all those nasty split ends and having my hair looking healthy. I would definitely recommend having a regular cut to maintain healthy looking hair every 6-8 weeks. Your hair wont actually grow if theres an inch of split ends, it just snaps off and ruins your existing length. If your nervous just make sure you’re really clear with your hairdresser about what it is you want and don’t want. Help them out as much as you can with pictures and examples. I always love the products they use at salons and try to ask as many questions about what they’re using, this oil smells so good and feels amazing on the hair. It’s a weightless oil so doesn’t drag your hair down and can be used before or after drying. When used on wet hair it’s said to reduce drying time which is definitely a bonus! Hope this helps some of you out with any hairdressing worries and gives you a few ideas. Love H xx

Essential hair tools...

Tangle Teezer is one of those products we just couldn’t live without! Having long hair is great but it can become really unmanageable and mattered, there is nothing worse then having your hair in knots and struggling in pain to brush through them. I always hated as a child having a comb pulled through my hair, I remember dreading it and having some serious tantrums to avoid it at all costs.. Thank you Tangle Teezer! My saviour!


My Tangle Teezer has become such an essential item that I never leave the house without it. My on the go compact styler fits perfectly into all my handbags and means whatever the day throws at me (babysick, wind or rain) my hair stays looking great and tangle free!


Both Hattie and I use the Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer in the shower after conditioning, with conditioner still in your hair. It makes it so easy to get through any knots without feeling like you’re pulling all your hair out. If you have long hair this is a really great way to make it more manageable to style.

After towel drying hair I always use the Original Tangle Teezer to remove any renaming knots and I then spray some kerastes heat protection which I would really recommend. (Hattie talks about this in her haircare post)

Hattie is an expert at blow drying, I on the other hand am terrible at it which is why the newest tangle teezer product is so amazing. It makes blow drying so quick and effortless, you don’t even have to bother with a rough dry as the teeth extracts excess water. This just means it really cuts down blowdrying time. If you’re a busy mum like me, this is key because I don’t have loads of time to spend on my hair everyday.


Another product I simply can’t live without and makes my hair drying experience much faster is the GHD Air hair dryer, I have really thick long hair and it used to take what felt like forever to get it dry. This makes it super quick and leaves my hair looking and feeling smooth and shiny. Friends and family visiting that have borrowed it are always so impressed. I would really recommend adding it to your Christmas list. You wont be disappointed!

M xx

Happy Halloween.

Hattie and I love Halloween, since we were children we have always loved fancy dress! We often frightened other children because our mum made us look so scary but we used to win all the dressing up competitions. This picture is of us when I was about 7 and Hattie was 4. I still can’t believe our mum did this to us!!


Although we still love going all out and getting really into fancy dress, sometimes there just isn’t time and let’s face it sometimes we want to still look nice. For those of you like us that want to be more Halloween glam then walking dead, here are a few Halloween inspired makeup looks and accesories we found and love. We thought this would be great for a Halloween night out or an event if you don’t want to really over do it.




Masks are a really quick and easy way to do Halloween. They’re great as you don’t have to keep them on all night but make such a statement along with a bold lip. My mask is from H&M and my lip colour matches perfectly from NARS – Dressed to kill. This is one of my favourite lipsticks although it’s not for everyday it has a subtle sparkle to it which I really love. Hattie’s mask is ASOS and looks amazing against her orange lip from MAC – So chaud. 






We had so much fun with these looks and wish we could dress up like this more often, once a year just isn’t enough! These headbands are so cute and would look really cool with a full on Halloween face paint but we’ve opted for something more girly and glam. My headband is Riverisland and Hattie’s is ASOS. For my smokey eyes I used the Naked pallete 2 by Urban Decay which has such great neutrals and dark colours in. I used Eyeko liquid eyeliner on the top of my eyes which is just amazing, I would definitely reccomend this if you’re a regular liquid liner user and for under I used TOPSHOP smoke stick. My lip colour is NARS – KELLY which I love in contrast to the dark eyes. Hattie’s dark lip colour is NARS – JEANNE which looks so good with her olive skin.. Jealous!

We hope you have as much fun as us this Halloween and have liked our looks. M xx

Luscious lashes

I’m obsessed with long lashes but unfortunately wasn’t blessed with them. I always curl my eyelashes before applying mascara because naturally they kind of just stick out with little to no curl to them. In my previous post I’ve talked about a lash serum that is great for length but doesn’t curl the lash which is what I’m always in search for. I also think applying new things to your lashes is always a scary thing because eyes can be so sensitive and you never really know how they may react.

In the summer I had a treatment called LVL lashes, this is a treatment that curls and tints your lashes leaving them looking amazing! This treatment lasts between 6-8 weeks due to your eyelashes shedding naturally. This treatment does no damage at all to the lash and just leaves them with a massive lift as if you’ve got mascara on. I would really recommend this to anyone who likes a natural look or who usually curls their eyelashes before mascara because it enables you to just apply the mascara and does something no eyelash curler can do.

Because I’m pregnant I’m not able to have this treatment as it hasnt been tested on pregnant woman before, so could have a bad reaction. I really wanted the LVL treatment in my early pregnancy as I was so ill and never felt or looked presentable so was really frustrated that I wasn’t able to. Now that I’m past my sickness I’ve been determined to find something else to help me look alive when my little one arrives and I get less and less sleep. I opted for false lashes after a bit of research and review reading. It’s quite tricky finding the right person to do a new treatment for you when you’re not familair with the area as ideally I like a recommendation to know what to expect. I decided to just bite the bullet and be brave so searched social media to find someones work I was impressed with.

I came across a lady called Victoria Jupp, who is based at The Manicure Suite in Bath but agreed to come to my house to do the treatment and discuss what kind of look I wanted. I was not disappointed, she was warm and friendly and made me feel at such ease having the treatment. I was after something really natural and put my trust in her, which is kind of scary as we had only just met!! I’m absolutely in love with my lashes and so pleased with the result. They literally don’t feel like I’m wearing any at all and the treatment was completely pain free.

Before – no lashes, no mascara


After – with lashes, no mascara (only mascara on bottom lashes)





I went for a half set of natural lashes which she charges £30 for. A full set is usually £60 which she explained would just be more of a full look, which I might try next time as I wont be as scared and know how good she is! I am so excited I’ve finally found someone and really wanted to share it with you all! I’ve put her contact number at the bottom if any of you are interested, she’s super friendly and will no doubt discuss any concerns with you. Let me know how you get on. H xx

Victoria’s number: 07429244186

Pucker up in pink….

My go to lip colour is always nude and I love wearing it with a contour look but sometimes a statement lip can look really great. I love playing around with makeup and testing out new colours. I’m quite lucky to have an olive skin tone so can get away with quite a bright statement pink lip, the one I’m wearing here is MAC – speak louder in creme sheen. As you know from my other beauty posts, I usually wear matte lipstick but I absolutely love the gloss like consistency of this colour as the pigment is so strong making it last ages. I would always reccomend a good lipliner with such a bright pigmented lip colour, this keeps it in place better and stop it running. I’m wearing NARS – rosebud.


I don’t normally wear blusher for an everyday look but I think when wearing a pink lip, a subtle pink cheek softens the look and makes it look even better. I’m wearing NARS – luster. This is by far the best blusher I’ve tried, it has a great pigment without it being really bright and looking clown like. (which can easily happen so be careful) This blusher has a slight shimmer and I’m really loving the fresh dewy look at the moment so this blusher is great for that. It gives a natural kiss of blush to the cheeks that really completes this look. Don’t be afraid to wear this lip in autumn winter, it’s the perfect time to brighten things up with a bold lip.



Mallory is more of an English rose so feels this bright pink washes her out. She prefers going for a softer pink which looks amazing with her complextion. Although this colour isn’t as bold it definitely stands out and looks great again with a subtle pink cheek. This lip colour is By Terry – Terribly velvet rouge 3By Terry do some great lipsticks that last hours, this one is matte but is super hydrating. It doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry at the end of the day like a lot of matte lipsticks do. Mallory’s blusher is Bobbi Brown – Santa Barbra 13. This colour is great for everyday and is such a pretty colour if you have a similar skin tone to this. It also has a slight shimmer giving it a really beautiful finish.



We hope you love our pink lips and have given you some inspo to try them yourself. Let us know how you get on! H xx

Hair care..

Having healthy looking hair is definitely something all girls want. I’ve tried so many products and spent so much money trying to find something to help me out. I learnt a lot about hair care when I studied hairdressing at college and have a few products that I couldn’t live without. It all starts with a good shampoo and conditioner and knowing what kind of hair you have. Do you pick the shampoo for coloured hair? Or damaged? It’s really difficult to know to be honest and I think trial and error is the only way. I have my hair highlighted every several months and alternate a full head, half a head and a T section just to give my hair a break.


My favouirte shampoo and conditioner is Toni and Guy for blonde hair. They do this for dark hair too and for damaged. I’ve used this for a few years and absolutely love it. I wash my hair 3-4 times a week (depends how lazy I’m being) and think it’s important to try not to wash it everyday! If you can resist. Once a week I use the Toni and Guy condtioning mask for blondes and leave it in my hair for about 10 mins before washing it off. I find this product really nourishing and love how soft and healthy my hair feels after.



I then use Morrocon Oil on the ends of my hair and only use a few drops as it’s really rich so you don’t need a lot. This smells amazing and I think is the best serum on the market for your hair. It doesn’t ‘get rid of split ends’ because no product is going to do that other than a hair cut but it’s hydrating and leaves the hair looking and feeling great.


I also use a Toni and Guy heat defence spray. I learnt that if you should use any product on your hair it should be a heat defence one. Thats because heat is so damaging to the hair so forming a barrier to protect the hair follicule is vital. I’ve also used Keristase heat defence and anti frizz spray (pink bottle) which I find just as good. I’d recommend this for you over the Toni and Guy if you struggle with frizz.

H xx

Hattie’s daily skincare routine.

My skincare, like my makeup is kept really simple. I suffered with terrible skin when I was at school and have literally tried every spot cream there is! Since being pregnant I have found my skin has been really clear which I am loving and maybe why I’m able to keep such a straight forward routine. I have combination/oily skin. I find I get a really oily t-zone but can also get dry areas, so for me I’ve found trying to track down the right moisturiser really hard. I’ve recently started using Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream after reccomendation from a friend and am loving it. I find it really light and refreshing which is exactly what I want both in the morning and at night. I hate that thick clogged feeling! Alternatively, Dr. Hauschka do a great moisturiser for normal/dry skin, I would try either Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream or Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream, which are both super hydrating.


I also use Nivea extra gentle eye make-up remover to remove my eyemakeup. It’s super cheap and I find removes eye makeup so easily with little effort. If you take anything away from this, let it be to stay away from makeup wipes! They really don’t clean the skin, they just kind of wipe it around your face, so using them over a long period of time will clog your pores and create spots. I always remove my eye makeup first, then my face makeup.

To remove my makeup I use Nivea 2in1 cleanser and toner with cotton wool pads. This again is a cheap drug store product but I love it! It’s light and smells lovely so I really don’t think spending a fortune is necessary. I always thoroughly wash my face afterwards with warm water and then splash with cold using a soft baby sponge, just so I know everything is removed and my pores are clear.


After my face is clean I apply Rapid Lash Serum to my lashes. You can buy this at most drug stores but it is quite pricey. My lashes aren’t that long and I’ve been looking for something like this for years, it’s made such a massive difference to the length. You just run the wand along your lash line and use everynight. I started to notice a difference after about 2 weeks, it’s not instant.

I worked for Estee Lauder for about a year and learnt so much about the skin. My favourite product that I swear by is Advanced Night Repair. This is a serum like product but leaves the skin feeling super smooth with no grease. This is used before moisturiser and is key to skins nightly repair. It helps skin repair and get rid of dirt in the pores which is exactly what you want to make you looking more refreshed in the mornings, instead of waking up with a new spot! It’s pretty expensive but you only need a few drops a night (can be used in the morning too) so it lasts awhile. In the morning, I just wash my face with warm water and sponge and then apply my Dr. Hauschka moisturiser. It’s really as simple as that!

H xx

Perfect plaits in minutes.

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to revert to boring hair, keep your hair fun and pretty with these really easy plaits.

Hattie is wearing a messy up do French plait which is great for day or night and is guaranteed to get you lots of compliments. People are always impressed with plaits because they look time consuming, when in reality they can be done so quick and easily!


First roughly part the hair, you can try different partings to create a slightly different overall finish.

Begin plaiting, taking smaller sections from the sides as you go. (french plaiting) I think it looks good if its not perfectly done so don’t worry about getting it spot on. This also works with a regular plait if you’d prefer.

Continue plaiting until you run out of hair and secure with a clip. Then roughly tie the rest of your hair in a loose bun and secure with a bobble. To give the ‘messy undone’ look, use your fingers to open up the plait to loosen it.


I am wearing Dutch braids in a half up half down look which also looks great day or night, I have worn this look for formal black tie events and it looks really great if you add some loose waves to the body of your hair. It also looks great with a day look and as with Hattie’s look you are bound to receive lots of compliments on your hair with this style.
You can do this look on just one side or both sides as I have done.


First select two small sections on either side of the top of your hair. Place one side in an elastic band or clip out of the way and section your first side into three pieces of hair.

Begin to plait as if doing a regular plait, now add in one piece of hair form the side, adding it underneath your hair. This is like a reversed French plait. Continue like this, adding a new piece form each side alternately. Once complete, fasten in place using bobbi pins and repeat on the other side.


Practice makes perfect with plaits and the more you do them the better and faster you will get, I find that doing a style like this is just as easy as a pony tail and much more appealing on the eye!

We would love to see your plaits, tag us on Instagram @hattiebourn @mallorybourn with the hashtag #bournsisters so we can see your looks 🙂

M xx

Our top 3 everyday makeup essentials.

My everyday makeup is so simple I use the same products on a daily basis. I am definately a beliver in less is more and love a natural, fresh face.


My no1 essential product would have to be the drug store Maybelline instant anti-age eye concealer. I wear this in Nude and find it perfect for anything from a light under eye bag cover up, to more dramatic contour look.

My second favourtite product is MAC lipstick. I love the finish MAC Matte lipsticks give and have worn them for as long as I can remember. My favourite colours are Velvet Teddy, Honey Love and Yash. I usually combine a few of them together which works really well.


My third and final essential would be Chanel Universal Bronze. This is literally my life saver makeup product. It only comes in one colour and is a cream based bronzer which I find really stops that ‘cakey’ look and super easy to apply. (a good bronzing brush) I use this for contouring along my cheekbones, bronzing my forehead and temple area and in the summer all over my face to just add a bit of coverage. It’s amazing!!

Mallory’s Top 3


I also like to keep my makeup fairly natural for my day to day look. My No1 Item in my makeup bag would have to be MAC studio fix fluid in Nc 25. I have used the same foundation for almost ten years and it is my staple beauty product it provides a really great coverage and lasts hours. It has an spf 15 which is great because it means my skin is protected from the sun.

My No 2product would have to be Benefit they’re real! beyond mascara. It is truly amazing and after years of trying out different brands varying from L’oreal to Dior this is my absolute favourite. It has been awarded as the Uk’s No 1 best-selling mascara and I understand why! I have naturally fairly longlashes but it really does accentuate them in away that no other mascara has, it adds volume and length. I use it in Black but it now comes in blue and brown. The only downside to the product is that it can be quite hard to remove but the clever people at benefit have created a They’re real remover, which I am yet to try I will let you know how I find it!


My third essential product would have to be my Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown in Bronze, Its a really versatile product which can be used as a highlighter, bronzer and even as eyeshadow. Its great for creating an everyday glow and using to highlight cheekbones and eyes. For an evening look I tend to use it to create a gold shimmery eye. It comes in several shades, to suit all skin tones and they often bring out limited edition versions around christmas with beautiful packaging which are worth keeping an eye out for.


H and M xx