Growing up wearing glasses was always something I dreamed of, then when it actually happened when I was about 22 I really didn’t like it, I found it so hard to get used to. Putting my glasses on made me feel so disorientated and dizzy and I just never remembered to put them on. I also found it a nightmare to swap my glasses to sunglasses and just found the whole thing a bit of a pain. 

After a few years of wearing them I’ve come to realise the fit, frames and the lenses have a huge part to play in how effective your glasses are and how much you enjoy wearing them.

I was invited by Transitions to get a new pair of glasses with their light adaptive lenses. I had my eyes tested and left feeling like I knew so much more about my eyes and the benefits of having light adaptive lenses in your everyday glasses.

Having a new pair of frames that I love has made a big difference, but the biggest improvement for me has been the Transitions lenses. I’d never considered them before but I’m honestly so glad I did. I opted for the Graphite Green lenses as they’re fairly discreet and match my new frames perfectly. They also go with most outfits day to day, which is a plus when you’re a busy mum of two. It also makes swapping glasses for sunglasses a lot easier – being out and about a lot and running after two kids, means I usually go without one or the other.

The technology means that Transitions lenses adapt to changing light conditions and protect against harmful UV rays at all times. When it’s sunny they darken and and are clear indoors, you’ll see in my photos how the tint varies when I’m outdoors dependent on UV levels.

There are so many lens colours to choose from too so you’ll be spoilt for choice. They are amazing! I regularly wear my glasses now and I don’t even notice the lenses changing colour, it’s so seamless. It’s helped so much with day to day life out and about.

Love Hattie x

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