Travelling with kids can be really daunting, infact so daunting that people just avoid going away with their children. It’s hard work, it’s stressful and you question whether it’s actually worth it. I’m here to tell you it is. Holidays with your family are so worth the stress of a few hours with your screaming, wriggling kids.

My top tip is to prepare. Pack for all worst cases and some more. Make sure your kids have plenty to do, plenty to eat and plenty to change into.

Small babies are probably the easiest to fly with, believe it or not. Try and plan a flight that fits in with one of their naps, look for a play area as most airports have them but they’re usually quite hidden, this is a great way to let them burn off some energy before your flight. If your long haul a night flight is always a good idea (if everyone sleeps) it wipes them out so they sleep longer the next day round the pool and gives you extra sun bathing time, haha!!

Pack lots of snacks, let them eat their body weight in crisps, anything to keep them quiet. The less messy snacks the better. Rice cakes, wafers, crisps, cereal bars. They’re great to chuck in your bag and not give your kids 100 E numbers before the flight. (I’ve made this mistake once and never again).

iPads or tablets are great for flights, download some new shows they haven’t watched to keep them entertained. Headphones are also key, so nobody can complain about peppa pigs theme tune.

Interactive sticker books are also a great one for toddlers. They’re mess free and easy to pack.

A light easy pushchair is always a good idea, especially for travelling. The baby zen yo-yo is by far the best pushchair as it can fold up and go over head which saves waiting around for it on the other end. Another great one which is a little less pricey is the cybex Eezy S. If you’ve got 2 children the bugaboo bee is brilliant and has a fab buggy board seat which is perfect for the airport as there’s often a lot of walking and tired kids when you get to the other end.

Suction pack a pillow and put it under the pram, once you’re on the flight you can take it out and it’s great for getting your baby to sleep on. You can pass them between you and your partner if you need a wee and it keeps them asleep. (This is great for long haul with a baby)

My final tip is don’t worry if your kids scream and cry and you feel like everyone’s looking at you. We were all little once and it’s totally normal. Just keep calm and remember you can totally do this!

Love Hats xx

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