I can’t believe that I’m officially the mother of a school girl! Where have the years gone! I know that sounds so cliche but I genuinely can’t believe my baby girl is in reception. She is absolutely loving school so far and most days is really happy and excited to go. We have had a few wobbles.

The day after we said goodbye to Joe ( he’s in Japan for the rugby World Cup) she was understandably emotional and didn’t want me to leave her. One other morning there wasn’t a space for her scooter which caused a full on melt down. Which was quite embarrassing for me because parents were just walking past wide eyed as I tried to calm her down but she was having non of it. Her teacher is great though and she really loves her so that helps if she’s ever unsettled.

I’ve found the school routine really exhausting, this maybe also due to the fact I’m pregnant and Joe is away but it just seems never ending. The uniform the extra things she needs each day, P.e kit, swimming kit etc. Reading books, homework and all the letters and slips I have to hand back and fill out by a certain time. I genuinely don’t know how people manage with several children and working full time. My mum did and I know so many do (although we did have au pairs growing up.)

I also find it really hard not knowing what she’s done all day, she tells me snippets of information but it’s quite often like drawing blood from a stone. She’s tired I get it but I want to know!

I’m hoping that in a few weeks I will have got the school routine sussed and It will be second nature but at the moment I feel like I’m treading water. I would love to know if other people feel like this or felt like this when their child first started at school.

I’m so happy for her because she does seem to be loving it. She was really ready to start school and I feel like she’s making progress already with her reading etc after only a few weeks. So that’s really nice to see. I feel like she’s grown up over the last few weeks even more and I would like her to just slow down a bit!

I hope if you’ve had a child start school this September it’s gone well for you and them! And I also hope I’m not the only one who hasn’t quite got the hang of the school routine yet!

Love M x


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