My Fave FOREO products

I am obsessed with FOREO products, pronounced For- Ray – oh. I first came across their cleansing device, the LUNA mini, in space NK a few years ago and I bought one of the mini ones for Hattie and for myself to improve our skincare routine. I thought they looked really cool and was interested to see if they were as good as they looked. We both loved them. I used it daily with a cleanser and it was perfect for taking with me on my travels because it’s so compact.


I wanted the full size one the LUNA 2 and it’s amazing! There are 4 different varieties of the LUNA 2 so you can get one which is tailored to your skin type. For me it’s so important to keep my skin healthy and fresh because it can really affect my confidence if I’m not happy with my skin. FOREO uses silicone which is much more gentle and hygienic than nylon brushes.

I use it with a cleanser and some warm water morning and night. It leaves your skin feeling so fresh, clean and smooth. I love it! If I forget to take it away with me I really notice the difference in my skin. At the moment I’m trying this Clinique cleanser out. You really notice the difference even after the first use of the LUNA 2 because it gives your skin a real natural glow.


After loving the the LUNA 2, so much I was really intrigued to try some other FOREO products. I love face masks so I loved the idea of the UFO smart mask device. You can get loads of different face masks to use with it, my favorites are the Call It a Night Mask and the Make My Day Mask. The UFO is super easy to use and leaves your skin feeling amazing! It’s like going for a facial but it’s quick and easy to fit into your skin care routine. It always leaves me feeling really relaxed and fresh.

These two FOREO devices have now become an essential part of my skincare and I really don’t think I could live without them!

Love M xx

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