Handmade Christmas with Amazon..

A Personalised Christmas from Amazon Handmade

I love working with brands that I have always used, brands that I trust and brands that I spend my own money on. I’m really excited to be working with Amazon this Christmas to show you guys some of their amazing handmade pieces. I think handmade things are always that little bit more special and gives you the chance to be able to personalise it which just makes the perfect gift. I was gifted this package for Otis earlier this month and it’s one of my favourite packages that I’ve received. We have always done Christmas Eve presents growing up and I love to continue traditions with mum own children. This personalised Christmas Eve box from Amazon Handmade is just gorgeous and allows you to put a few special things in for the night before. We always do pjs and chocolate!

The stocking is also such a nice idea, its a great size too! It doesn’t fill me with dread on imagining how I’m going to fill it and comes with a personalised message for your little one. The books are probably mine and Otis’s favourite. We absolutely love reading together and he gets so excited when he’s able to read his name in the book. His names quite unusual so its never really used in normal books so this is really magical.



I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and these have given you a little inspiration! Click here if you want to shop Amazon Handmade.
Love H xx

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