Dubai holiday..

Joe and Korey have been quite unlucky with injury this year and have both recently had knee operations. This has been really tough for us all. Korey was on crutches and couldn’t weight bare for over a month which was very tough for Hattie having 2 small children to look after too! We don’t usually get to go away in October because the boys would usually be playing and we have never been able to go away with both Joe and Korey because their schedules never match up. Being able to all go together was a bit of a silver lining to their injuries and exactly what we all needed.

Travelling with 3 kids is never easy but it was worth it for the amazing holiday! The flight out went pretty well, we always choose to fly on the night flight as it means the children generally sleep for the majority of the flight and then we arrive to a full day in Dubai. We chose to stay at the FIVE palm Jumeriah it is a new hotel and looked beautiful. After booking it we were a little nervous as a few friends without children told us it had a bit of  party atmosphere and they were not sure it would be good for children. We actually loved the hotel, they do play quite loud music by the pool from 11.30 every day but we actually got used to it and their is an amazing kids pool which doesn’t have loud music playing. It’s super chilled and has lots of fun stuff for kids. It is also next to the kids club which although our children were too small to be left alone, we took them to a few times because they had loads of fun activities and games. They do kids yoga every morning, they had a halloween party, treasure hunts, pumpkin carving, pizza making and so much more. The staff at the hotel were so child friendly. The hotel rooms were really beautiful as is the pool area, it doesn’t have huge grounds like lots of other Dubai hotels do but it does have a beach. There is some construction work going on near the beach and on either side of the hotel but we didn’t really mind this. Otis hates the beach so we didn’t really use it.



On our first night we ate at Maiden Shanghai the hotels Chinese restaurant, we were all blown away with the setting, the service and the food. It was fantastic and such a good start to our holiday! On our second night Joe and I headed to our favourite restaurant Hashi in the Armani hotel in the Burj Khalifa, we haven’t been since before Blythe was born (although you can take children) it is very romantic but it is pricey. It has amazing views of the Dubai fountains and the food is amazing. We had such a lovely evening and Hattie and Korey babysat for Blythe back at the hotel.

We headed to Lego land the next afternoon which was so much fun, there is a water park and the main lego land park. Otis was a bit small for some of the rides (everything is done on height) but he didn’t seem to mind, there was still lots he could do. It was perfect for Blythe and Marley just loved watching everything going on. We loved the submarine ride where you could see fish, sharks and an underwater lego atlantis in a submarine. The park was also so quiet we never had to queue for anything which was a massive bonus! We also went to little Miss India for dinner one night which is a new Indian restaurant located in the Fairmont the palm. It was amazing! We had such a lovely evening and I will definitely go back there next time.

Hattie and Korey went to Buddha bar Dubai for their date night and Joe went home for a check up on his knee, leaving me with all 3 kids. Entertaining 3 kids in a hotel room isn’t easy but room service helps! We also went for a late afternoon shop in the Dubai Mall, the kids love it there! There is so much going on and we went to the Cheesecake factory which is a must! The portions are huge but it’s so good. The cheesecake is unreal!!!


We had such a lovely time together as a family, it was so much fun! The return flight was a little harder because we had one less adult with Joe leaving early. We still had lots of hand luggage, pram, etc to carry between 3 of us which was a bit of a struggle. We had a lunchtime flight home and Blythe didn’t sleep a wink but she was very good. Otis and Marley slept a bit but it is really hard to entertain Marley because he’s too little to watch a movie or draw or do stickers and he doesn’t particularly like sitting still, so that was tough! After the flight Hattie and Korey said never again but I am sure you will see them off on holiday again soon because the holiday is usually worth the struggle.

There is so much to do and see and eat in Dubai and so many of you seem really interested to know our favourite places to go so we are going to follow up with a few more blog posts on hotels, restaurants and things to do with kids.


Love M xx

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