How we cracked the 2 year sleep regression..

So if you follow me on social media you’ll know Otis has been going through an awful period of sleeping. We have always been so lucky as he’s been an amazing sleeper from really early on. He slept through when he was a few months old and would sleep for about 15 hours some nights! I’m not bragging, he just loved to sleep! All until Marley was born and he turned 2. He has taken to Marley better than we could have ever imagined, he is the most loving, caring and wonderful big brother. The one thing having a new baby seems to do was effect his sleep. Well, at least I think it did. That and the fact he turned 2. Two really big milestones in his life happened within weeks of each other and he just decided he didn’t want to sleep anymore. He would refuse to go to sleep, wake up hourly and then some nights just not go back to sleep. We tried EVERYTHUNG, literally everything but he wasn’t having any of it. He climbed his cot which resorted into transitioning him into his big boy bed, a lot earlier than we wanted which again was another big milestone for him.

We persevered and persevered and finally we’ve started to see an improvement. After so many messages from people with similar problems I wanted to share with you what worked for us!

Grow clock – this is amazing and really has done the trick. It was recommended by so many people and I can’t thank them enough. We say goodnight to the clock every night and it turns blue with a moon and stars and when it’s time for Otis to wake up it turns yellow with a sunshine. He really understands the concept and loves it!

Ollie the owl – this is a bit like Ewan the sheep which Otis had as a baby but it also recognises a cry and turns on when it hears it which helped to soothe Otis back to sleep on a number of occasions.

Replacing milk for weak juice or water – Otis was waking and crying for milk over and over again so I replaced this with weak juice which he didn’t drink as fast and then eventually stopped waking up and demanding it. He now only wakes once in the night and often just self soothes back to sleep. (This is a HUGE improvement)

I can’t stress the importance of self soothing enough. It’s pretty hard to crack but once you’ve done it you’ll be so thankful you did it. I read Otis a story and stroke his head in bed, but I then leave him and let him get himself to sleep even if it sometimes takes him 30 mins. He doesn’t cry but often just lays and plays with his teddies and drinks his milk until he drifts off, this helps for when he wakes in the night as he doesn’t look for my for comfort.


I hope this helps at least one of you as I know how tough sleep deprivation is!!

Love Hattie xx

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