Getting back in shape..

I wanted to write this post as I’ve had loads of messages from girls asking me how I’ve lost all my baby weight so quickly and what I’ve been doing. The truth is I really haven’t lost all my baby weight and I’m definitely not back to my pre baby weight but I’m working really hard to get there so just thought I’d tell you all what I’ve been doing.

I think nowadays there is SO much pressure to look a certain way, we scroll through Instagram looking at girls with the ‘perfect’ figure and feel rubbish about ourselves if we don’t look like that. I’m guilty of it and I know the majority are too which is just not right! Having a baby changes your body in so many ways and can be quite overwhelming to come to terms with. I’ve always been really petite so the weight gain in pregnancy was quite hard for me. With Otis I was really ill and sick everyday so I hardly put on any weight at all and was back in my jeans after 5 days, this time round things have been really different. Although I wasn’t huge, I did put quite a bit more weight on when pregnant with Marley. I never weigh myself so can’t give you exact numbers, I usually just go off how I feel and how my clothes fit because I think people can get a bit obsessed with the scales.

I had a c-section so my recovery was a lot longer which meant I wasn’t as active and mobile which slowed things down a lot for me, it was also the Christmas period so I didn’t really diet or do anything for a good 6 weeks. Everyone is so different and there is no right or wrong, some people hardly put any weight on and other loads, every body is so different and you don’t know how your body will react until you’re actually pregnant. All I can say is try to embrace it, your body is amazing and is growing a HUMAN so make sure you remember that and don’t be too hard on yourself. Give yourself plenty of time too recover post baby and do what makes you happy, not what you feel like you should do. If you’re happy with your body but Instagram is telling you you’re fat then have some time away from social media, as much as I love it sometimes it’s really unhealthy.

Anyway, back to the point, I’m back in MOST of my pre Marley clothes and really proud of myself for it. My stomach muscles have been ripped apart and I’m slowly but surely building the muscle back up and having personal training sessions twice a week. I do these from home while Otis is at nursery and Marley is just on his play matt, it works really well for me and I’m enjoying working out again. Some days if the boys have hardly slept and I’m shattered its the last thing I want to do but once I’m finished I always feel so much better. I’ve also been eating really healthily, I’ve been cutting down on my carb intake and increasing how much veg I eat at meal times and have really noticed a difference. I obviously have cheat days and still eat unhealthy things now and again but the majority of the time I’ve been being good! I took before and after photos so I can track my progress and I really recommend doing the same, I remember taking my first photo on day one of healthy mode and nearly deleted it because I was so upset with how I looked, I’m now SO glad I kept it because I have them to look back on when I’m feeling rubbish and can see how much I’ve lost. As long as you feel good in yourself that is all that’s important, do it for YOU and nobody else.


Lots of love, Hattie x

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