C section recovery..

I’ve had a lot of messages from people asking about my c section recovery so I wanted to share with you all how I’ve been getting on and what to expect if you’re due to have a c section or have just had one and worried you’ll never be the same again. (because that’s what I thought) I’m 8 weeks post baby and feeling really good. I’m still a little sore now and again and when Otis accidentally winds me with his foot that doesn’t feel too great but other than that I’m pretty good considering.

C section recovery is hard. It’s quite a long process and you’ll need a lot of help but after the first two weeks you’re pretty much through the worst of it. I was really lucky to have so much support around me and Korey has been absolutely amazing. I think if you’ve got a planned c-section coming try and schedule people in to come and help you for the first couple of weeks. People you feel comfortable around like your mum or sister etc. You’ll need all the help you can get, especially if you have other children.

Don’t over do it! I can’t stress this enough – some days I really over did things because I woke up feeling good and by the end of the day I would be in tears bed ridden because I had just done way too much. Even if you feel like you’re ok, chances are your body really isn’t and needs time to rest so take things easy.


I’ve written a little list of things that really helped me after my section and that I’d really recommend.
Light weight cotton night shirt – this was the only thing I found comfortable to wear for bed/everyday for the first month. (the striped one in my Insta pictures is MATERNITY TOPSHOP)
High waisted cotton knickers/c-seciton recovery knickers (lots of them, I’m still wearing them 2 months later)
Comfy high waisted tracksuits – when you’ve had enough of being in your night shirt and want to feel like you’re getting dressed these after perfect.
Dry shampoo – it was pretty painful to wash my hair so I used a lot of this
Slip on slippers – bending down isn’t easy so slip ons are key for the first few weeks.

Lots of love, Hattie xx

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