Life with two..

When I found out I was pregnant with Marley I was pretty scared about life with two. I constantly imagined how things would be with another one and as excited as I was I couldn’t help but worry. I worried about my relationship with Otis, I worried how I’d bond with a new baby when I already had a baby to look after, I wondered if it was possible to love somebody else as much as Otis and I worried if me and Korey would ever have time for each other again. It’s safe to say I definitely did too much worrying and not enough time enjoying. It’s tough but amazing, but thats parenthood in general.

Since having Marley I’m happy to report back that things aren’t as scary as I thought. You WILL love your second just as much as your first, it really is possible. You’ll also feel a whole other kind of love seeing both your babies together, well I definitely do. Otis has been absolutely amazing and exceeded both our expectations about how he’d cope as a big brother. He’s kind and gentle and so loving towards Marley. He somehow gets when I need to feed and give Marley my attention and just accepts it. If it’s something you’re worried about or your 1st isn’t adjusting quite as well try and make them feel really included. Get them involved in as much as you can with the new baby and don’t make them feel pushed out. Try not to tell them off too much when it comes to the baby as they’ll associate the two together. Encourage and reward kind and gentle behaviour towards the baby and just remember it’s a big change for them as well as you.

I felt really guilty when I was pregnant that I wouldn’t have enough time for Otis but if anything poor Marley has to take a back seat when it comes to most things. The second baby fits in around what your life already is so try not to worry that you’ll all of a sudden have to neglect your 1st because it’s not the case. With Otis I had so much time to just sit, cuddle and stare at him for hours but I don’t this time round until Otis is in bed. It is pretty hard juggling both especially when they both start crying in sync, but it is manageable and you will get your head around it. People said going from 1 child to 2 was really hard butI think the transition from no children to 1 is harder than from 1 to 2. This time round I feel much more in control and like I know what I’m doing than I did with Otis.



You’ve got this mama!
Love Hattie xxx

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