Present ideas for kids..

Christmas is nearly here and if like us you still haven’t finished your christmas shopping this might be helpful! We have been asked by so many people for gift ideas for their children, nieces and nephews etc so we thought we would compile a list of presents we would recommend because they have been tried and tested by us!


People often ask me where I get Blythe’s wooden and educational toys from, I find Melissa and Doug do some amazing ones. We have lots of their toys and they are fun but also really help with teaching little ones and helping with their fine motor skills.  I tend to order their products in my Occado shopping but they are stocked at most toy shops so have a browse. Here is link to this one from Alex and Alexa


Another thing Blythe is really getting into at the moment is games, we love the Orchard toys games they do some really great ones starting with games for around 2 years and up. I have bought Blythe a few new ones for christmas because they are such a fun thing for us all to do together as a family. They really help with lots of different skills such as numbers and counting and also teaching her about loosing and winning. She still doesn’t love to loose but its a valuable lesson for her to learn.  Our family favourite game is ‘where’s my cupcake’ at one point we were playing this about 5 times a day. These games are stocked in most Toy shops, supermarkets and Waterstones also stock them!


Baby Annabelle learns to swim doll is a great new baby Annabelle doll who can swim in the bath/ pool. This is perfect if your little ones love playing with baby’s. Blythe is forever wanting to take toys in the bath and she loved that this doll is allowed in the bath and can swim and giggle away with her. She cant wait to bring her on holiday with us!


 Fisher price  bright Beats dance and move  BeatBo. Blythe got one of these last year and this year I have bought one for Otis because he loves Blythe’s it is so much fun and a really interactive toy. Young children love to dance and be silly and this is the perfect toy for getting them up and moving.



Fancy dress ride on unicorn is always a winner it is so cute and kids love it. It comes in a variety of different animals such as dragons, dinosaurs, flamingos and giraffes.


We love the personalised books by Pen wizard, I love children’s books and buy new ones weekly. I have always been a huge bookworm and I love reading stories to Blythe. I get so excited about reading her a new story. She loved seeing herself in a book and so did Otis! It makes them feel so special.


Blythe got one of these beautiful Banwood balance bikes from the modern nursery for her birthday they are the perfect way to introduce children to riding and are so beautiful! they come in a variety of colours.


The Modern nursery also do the most beautiful ball pits in a variety of colours which babies and toddlers love! I wish I had known about them a few years ago because the one Blythe had was so ugly!


The early learning centre’s Happy Land range is perfect for little hands, they are bright colourful and really encourage imaginative play and conversation. They have so many different options from fairy houses, princess castles, farms, zoos, trains and pirates etc there is something for every child! Blythe and Otis both really love Happy land toys.


Love M xx

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