Deliveroo Taste Tour update!

If you follow us on social media and read our last blog post you will know that we have been taking part in Deliveroo’s taste tour. Each week there is a different cuisine theme and if you order from one of the Taste Tour tagged restaurants you could win a trip away. We have really enjoyed having a different cuisine each week and following the Taste Tour. My favourite week was probably Japanese week! Blythe loves edamame and noodles and Japanese is my personal favourite! We had no idea you could order alcohol from Deliveroo but it is so handy if you are having a party, run out of alcohol or just fancy a glass of wine but don’t want to go out for it!



If you haven’t already there are still 2 weeks left of the tour! This week is American week and you could win a trip to America if you order from one of the Taste Tour tagged American restaurants on Deliveroo. Hattie is very excited as her pregnancy craving at the moment is a burger and milkshake. Blythe and I had our burgers and shakes last night while watching a movie together.



We find Deliveroo so helpful because its so hassle free and when you are busy that’s exactly how you want your food to be! Sometimes after a busy day we really don’t have the time or energy to prepare a home cooked meal and Deliveroo allows us to still eat well but without the hassle. We have always loved trying different cuisines and think it is so important to introduce new foods and flavours to children from an early age. I’m often surprised by the things Blythe likes to eat. It’s great that we have so much variety to choose from without even having to leave the house.


Next week the Taste tour ends in Thailand, I would love to go to Thailand! Hattie and Korey went a few years ago and they loved it. We all really love Thai food it is Korey’s Favourite food and growing up was always where I would chose to go for birthday meals.

Love M xx

This blog post is sponsored by Deliveroo but all opinions are my own. 



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