Packing my Tiba+Marl hospital bag..

So this time round I have been so much more laid back with things. Although I know baby no2 could make an appearance any day I’ve just been so relaxed about getting things done. Now I’ve kind of gone into panic mode and realise I need to get my sh*t together, so, my hospital bag is finally packed. This time round I have the hospital bag of dreams from Tiba + Marl, it’s changing bag but perfect for a hospital bag too as it’s so spacious.

Although it’s my second time round doing this and I’ve done it before I still found myself googling ‘what to pack in my hospital bag’ so thought I’d share some of my essentials with you.

Comfy lose PJ’s – this is exactly what you’ll want after labour. Nothing tight or fancy, just your favourite snug pjs.
Socks – hospital can be really cold and last time round all I wanted was a big pair of bed socks.
Big pants – granny pants and lots of them.
Maternity pads – not normal pads make sure they’re specifically maternity ones, they’re almost like nappies and trust me you’ll need them!
Toiletry bag – moisturiser, toothbrush, shampoo, hairbrush etc. Things you’ll want to give yourself a freshen up if you have to stay overnight.
Slippers and dressing gown – I didn’t think I’d need this last time but Korey went home to get them. It’s all you’ll want to be in after birth and get about in!

Babies first outfit and hat – you’ll also need a few more changes of clothes and vests as babies stay clean for about an hour.
Water wipes
Sterilised ready to go formula bottles – these are great to have incase your milk hasn’t come through or you’re wanting to bottle feed through the night, or if like me you’re just planning to bottle feeed. They come in pre-sterilised bottles.

Love Hattie xx

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