Our favourite toys right now..


Blythe is becoming more and more into imaginative play and she has always loved playing with dolls. She really likes to get them involved in our day to day life and wants them to join in with whatever we are doing. We were sent a Lala loopsy doll and Blythe was so excited! She has been asking for a Lala loopsy doll for a while now.  The large Crumb sugar cookie doll was an instant hit She loved the fact that she had real hair that she could brush and her little pet mouse. All of the Lala loopsy dolls like to do different things and Crumb sugar cookie loves baking, which is perfect because we love baking too! We had so much fun baking with her and it didn’t matter if she got a bit dirty because she was easy to wipe down.  We are officially LaLa Loopsy fans and Blythe is keen to collect them all now.



Blythe is also currently L.O.L surprise doll mad. Please tell me she’s not the only one? Joe teases me that I am more obsessed then her and I’m not going to lie because I am into them too! There is something really exciting about not knowing what doll you will open inside your surprise ball and trying to collect your favourites. Each ball is made up of layers and within each layer is a surprise, you start by finding a clue followed by some stickers next is a drink bottle, then a pair of shoes, and outfit, accessory and then the doll. Each doll can either, cry, change colour in water, wee, or spit. We LOVE them and have hours of fun playing with them. Its really sweet to see her so into something even if it is all she thinks and talks about now!

M x

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