My experience with mental health..


It was world mental health day yesterday and I just wanted to write a post about some of my own experiences with mental health.  It is a very personal topic and I don’t want to go into great detail because it’s quite painful to talk about so publicly. I do want to highlight that mental health is REAL and should be treated seriously and dealt with sensitively. It doesn’t discriminate, it effects people from all walks of life no ones life is perfect.

I suffered badly with depression as a teenager and into my 20s and it was quite the battle to get to where I am now. I was lucky to have a supportive family who talked to me and helped me receive the right care and advice. They didn’t give up on me even if I was willing to give up on myself. I took part in CBT which really helps and I also took anti-depressants for several years, which I am happy to say I no longer need.

I couldn’t cope, I felt weighed down by life, doing simple mundane tasks felt impossible and above all I just felt deeply sad. I couldn’t envisage a future in which I would be happy and free of those feelings but here I am living that life. I honestly couldn’t be happier today and yes that has a lot to do with my loving husband, my family and friends but it also has a lot to do with me!  People often think depression and anxiety are imaginary states of mind and they cant understand why people don’t just get on with it but the reality is its not that simple. I’m not a different person and I still do have down days but on the whole I cope much better with what life throws at me.

I still struggle with anxiety and I go through good and bad phases. I get scared to leave my house, I talk myself out of doing things because of my fears and I am constantly paranoid that someone is going to harm me in some way or that something bad will happen. I feel so much safer when I am with another person. If you are struggling with depression and anxiety I just want you to remember that your not alone. You would probably be surprised by how many people around you have experienced some form of mental health. Most importantly  you shouldn’t feel ashamed or weak.


Seek help, seek advice. Speak to someone. Talk to a friend, a parent, a doctor. There is always a solution and things will get better.

Love M xx



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  1. Great post. I get a lot of days where even the thought of going out the house is a battle mainly if I’m going somewhere new or a little bit further than my local area. What is something happened to me and nobody knows who I am. If I travel with someone else I feel a lot different and barely get anxiety, especially if it’s with my husband or mum. It’s odd but your not alone. It’s nice to hear someone speak out.
    I wish I had someone to share my thoughts with as nobody around me understands.
    I sometimes think the thought of going somewhere far or alone is a lot worse than actually going through with it. I actually find spur of the moment things a lot easier sometimes. X

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