Jewellery must haves..

Everyone loves accessorising, it’s such an easy way to make a simple outfit stand out. We’ve picked out some of our favourite tried and trusted brands to help you in your search.

HBE jewellery

We found this brand on Instagram and have so many gorgeous things from their site. Everything is so reasonable and such good quality – they make the perfect gifts! I have had so many questions about my gold but necklace and they have the exact one. (I got mine for my birthday as a present so can’t remember to brand but this is the best match I’ve found) They also do great personalised initial jewellery which both hattie and I love!



 Loquet London

This is definitely an investment piece but so worth it. Mallory and I both received one of these from the boys and absolutely adore them. They’re so special and personal, you create it from scratch to make it perfect for you. We both have our birthstone and babies initials inside. I only really bring mine out for special occasions but mallory tends to wear hers all the time!


Another Choker

Another choker have something for everyone, from the simplist delicate choker to the most glitz, you’ll definitely find something you love.  The brand was created by one of my best friends Naomi and I just love everything about it!


Love Hats xx

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