Bourn Sisters beauty essentials

There are a few products that both Hattie and I are obsessing over at the moment and they have become part of our every day essential beauty products. It probably won’t surprise you that they are from one of our favourite beauty brands, Charlotte Tilbury! She is officially a beauty genius and we just cant get enough of her products. We promise you wont regret investing in these products we cant live without them now!





Charlotte tilbury Magic cream moisturiser


Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow primer


Charlotte Tilbury contour wand


Charlotte tilbury filmstar  Bronze and glow



We are desperate to try the overnight cream, eye cream and facemasks from Charlotte Tilbury next, let us know what you think!

Love M xx



2 thoughts

  1. Hi.
    I was hoping you would review the products, what you like about them, how and when you use them. There is little substance to this blog, shame.


    1. Thanks for your comment! This wasn’t a review post as that’s not what our readers had asked for it’s a few products we can’t live without right now! Sorry that’s not what you wanted to read about, you can’t please everyone!


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