Wet play …

Let’s face it when autumn/winter rolls in and it can seem to rain for weeks on end. It often feels  a lot harder to keep little ones entertained.
I’ve been on the hunt for fun activities we can do do without leaving the house and thought I would share the ones we loved best with you!


Water beads, these are so fun and really therapeutic to play with. They are perfect for sensory play and will keep little ones and big ones entertained for ages! I want to fully bathe in them, they feel amazing! I bought mine from Amazon and they go along way so should last for a while! We also got these great scoopers from amazon which are perfect for scooping up beads and transferring them to different pots. Blythe Loved this and there are so many different things you could do with them.


Puffy paint, this is a really fun technique for painting and so simple just mix paint with shaving foam and get painting! You can also spray shaving foam onto a tray or sheet of paper and the drizzle paint across, you can then use cocktail sticks to mix the paint and foam into patterns and then using another piece of paper or card transfer the paint to make a print.

Slime we made our slime using 1 cup of PVA glue and 2/3 cups of shaving foam, we added until the glue was totally mixed in. We then used pink food colouring and almost a full bottle of contact lens solution. You pretty much need to keep adding solution until it becomes less sticky.  There are lots of different recipes for slime online using different variations of ingredients and amounts. WARNING, THIS IS MESSY!!

water play I  found this pot of water creatures on Amazon.  They have lots of variations of plastic animals but I particularly wanted things to use in water and was attracted to this pot because it comes with foliage. Blythe has loved playing with these in an oven tray filled with a bit of water. We sorted them into pairs, talked about the colours, the possibilities are endless and its such a quick and easy activity to set up.


We hope you have fun trying these out! M xx


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