Stretch marks..

I’m 30 weeks pregnant and can’t quite believe how quickly time has gone. My bump is growing so fast and I’m definitely a lot bigger this time round. I’ve got to the really uncomfortable stage where just putting on my shoes and making it upstairs is a chore. I’ve had lots of questions about what products I use on my skin while pregnant to prevent stretch marks so wanted to share this with you. I actually don’t think anything can really prevent stretch marks, I think it’s all down to your skin and quick weight gain and loss but there’s things that can help or at least make you feel like they’re helping. I was really lucky with Otis and only really got a few across my thighs to add to the ones I already had from a teen. They’re not nice and don’t make you feel great but it’s all part of it and in the grand scheme of things they’re not really that bad. I think it’s important to try and normalise them because let’s face it most people have them so if we gain a few from growing a human than so be it, it’s totally worth it. These are my fav products that have helped me through both pregnancies.


Bio oil OR Mama Bee oil– Applied morning and night all over my stomach. I’ve used both an alternate them depending on which I see first. Both are fab.

E45 cream OR Cocoa butter – Applied before the oil, all over my body including my stomach. It’s really nourishing and great in the winter when skin is a little more dry.


Love Hattie xx

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