Hello third trimester..

So I just thought I’d update you all on my pregnancy so far. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know at my 28 week midwife check up I was measuring 3cm bigger than average for my dates. They say anything 3cm over or under is concerning. I had never heard of this before and initially just thought I’d been eating too much cake (because I definitely have) she told me it wasn’t the width it was the uterus they were measuring, so nothing to do with too much cake!



She explained one concern is gestational diabetes which you can get in pregnancy and have to be really careful throughout if you do. She also said I could have too much fluid around baby OR I could just be having a big baby, but as they can’t be sure they have to test everything and rule things out. I found out today that I thankfully don’t have gestational diabetes but just have really low iron levels which they’ve given me tablets for. I have also been for a scan which showed there’s no excess fluid, so I’m just having a big baby! His measurements are on the top of all the growth graphs but nothing that they’re concerned about, they just need to keep an eye on us both. I’m super relieved as I haven’t stopped thinking about it since my appointment. Being pregnant is a scary enough process as it is, hearing that things could potentially have been wrong with me or the baby was terrifying. Thank you for all your lovely comments of reassurance so far, they mean a lot to me and have helped so much – maybe we’ll see this baby a bit sooner than we thought!


Love Hattie xx

4 thoughts

  1. I bet baby will come early!!!!!! They probably got your due date slightly wrong and therefore he’s measuring ahead because the guessed late! So glad you don’t have diabetes!xxx


  2. That’s such great news you haven’t got GD. When I was pregnant I had to have the GD test twice ( one at 28 weeks and one at 36 weeks) because my midwife couldn’t understand why I was so big!
    Luckily I didn’t haven’t it but I know it’s such a worry when your waiting for the results.
    Turns out I just had a very big baby! Vogue weighed 10 lb 5 ounces and that was at 38 weeks 😁 Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy. You look amazing! Xx


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