Honeymoon Part 1

We headed off on our honeymoon on the Sunday following our wedding after a lovely morning spent with our family and guests staying at Somerleyton Hall. We were sad to be leaving because it was such a special weekend. We were also sad to be leaving Blythe behind but she was not bothered! She was happy to be with her grandparents and family, we knew she wouldn’t really be missing us!  I cried as we drove to the airport. Joe is used to leaving Blythe for Rugby but I am almost always with her so it feels strange to be apart but It was lovely to be spending some quality time with my Husband!


It feels strange calling Joe my Husband although I have never referred to him as my boyfriend because he has always been so much more then that. Dubai was our first stop and I enjoyed my first experience of business class. Joe is lucky enough to fly business class with Rugby but he was keeping it secret from me because he knew how much I would like it! uhoh.. there is no going back. I feel like I have been cheated for all these years, who knew plane food could actually taste good!






We stayed in The One and Only the Palm which is a beautiful Hotel, I have always loved the One and only royal mirage in Dubai and this was a slightly more modern version. It was so chilled out and the perfect start to our honeymoon. We love Dubai and made the most of the amazing restaurants. On our first night we headed to the Burj al Arab for dinner and cocktails the Sky view bar was amazing and we had some fabulous cocktails.  We had dinner in The Nathan Outlaw Sitting by the fish tank was amazing, we kept stopping midsentance just to talk about the fish, they were so mesmerising.



On our second night in Dubai we headed to Nobu, we both love Japanese food and you can’t go wrong with Nobu. We really miss good sushi since we have moved out of London. It didn’t disappoint and we had a lovely evening enjoying some of our favourite dishes. We had a great short stay in Dubai although it didn’t really feel like we were on our honeymoon as we have been there so many times before, it was still lovely.


Love M xx






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