Birth expectations..

As you know if you follow our blog my birth didn’t exactly go to plan with Otis. I was induced on my due date, had 2 epidurals and a three day labour which was pretty brutal. This time round I’m trying my best to keep my cool and go in with a completely open mind. I don’t have any expectations at all and have no birth plan. It sounds pretty unorganised but I want to be ready and open to anything that needs doing on the day. I don’t want to feel disappointed that it didn’t go as I’d planned or let down that I used medication when I said I didn’t want to.


I love the idea of a more natural birth this time rather than induction as I’m quite looking forward to going into labour naturally to know what it’s like. (as weird as that may sound) I think that’s my only real hope this time, that I don’t have to be induced. Saying that if it happens it happens and I know I got through it the first time so I’ll get through it this time. I’d also love a water birth but I know things have to be going pretty smooth sailing for that to happen so again I’m not setting my expectations too high. I’ve hardly had much time to think about this birth to be honest, with Otis I used to sit all day long thinking about it but now I have Otis to run around after I don’t even have time to think. I’ve been told the second labour is always quicker so let’s hope that’s the case for me. Good luck to anyone who’s about to give birth, just remember even if you think you can’t, you can do it, our bodies are amazing things!


Lots of love, Hattie xx

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  1. You can always refuse an induction you know, it may be more likely you’ll need one again and ma that’s usually how it goes but if you get to 10 days over an induction is near you can take it day by day with the hospital and they will monitor and let you know they baby is still ok and go extra days over in the hopes for a natural birth.. both mine were 11 days and 10 days over and both arrived the morning my induction was booked for luckily for me but second time round I was going to refuse induction because it’s such a harder labour and it’s not what I wanted! Just something to think about if it seems to be going that way this time! But wishing you all the luck and labour for a natural birth x

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