Pregnancy lows..

So I was really hesitant about writing this post becuase all I feel like I seem to do is moan about my pregnancy which gets pretty boring. I don’t want to put a downer on pregnancy at all and it is one of the most amazing things a woman can go through but before I was pregnant for me pregnancy was really glamourised, not many people were really that honest about the whole experience. For reasons like I’ve said, they don’t want to burden others or they feel embarrassed that it’s not as clean sailing as they once thought. I personally really struggle being pregnant. The hormones for me are one of the hardest things to deal with, it’s like being on your period x100 with no control over any part of your emotions. Although this pregnancy has been so much better for me as I haven’t suffered with sickness, I’ve really struggled with the hormonal side. I’ve been a mega bitch to the closest people to me and unfortunately for Korey, with little family around me he’s my main target. I then get upset and feel awful for being so moody and snappy to him which makes me feel even worse. It’s like a viscious hormonal cycle.


Not only that but this time I’m suffering really badly with spots. I haven’t made this that obvious on my social media as it’s quite a new thing but my confidence has reached an all time low and I’ve found myself chosing to stay indoors to avoid applying makeup to them in hope they get better. It’s all hormonal so it won’t really make a difference, I’m just finding myself making excuses because I’m that embarrassed of them. This then makes me feel like an awful boring mum for my little Otis who doesn’t care what I look like. I don’t want to use anything to strong on it as I know your skin can be really sensitive so I’ve been drinking loads of water and just applying sudocream at night but it’s not really working. (I’ve uploaded a picture to show one you an example, it’s the smae if not worse across both sides of my face.)


I’m sorry if this feels like a ‘poor me’ blog post, but it’s really not. I don’t want any sympathy I just really wanted to share what I’m going through in hope I can make someone else in my position not feel so alone. Pregnancy is wonderful and amazing and everything we go through is totaly and utterly worth it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not bloody hard. My hats go off to all mothers, whatever struggles you may be going through, you are all incredible.

Love Hattie xx

2 thoughts

  1. Read your blog for the first time today and it’s made me feel a lot better about my pregnancy I’m 24 weeks and suffering with really bad skin but on my back and chest, crazy hormones and stressing myself out over the way my body is changing. I’ve literally just sat and agreed with everything you’ve wrote I’m so happy I’m having a baby yet can’t wait for it to be over already. Pregnancy is super hard and affects everyone differently unfortunately I’m not one of those who are enjoying it so to speak. X


  2. Aloe vera works a treat and i mean the real deal! Get yourself a proper plant and snap a bit off and rub the inner gel directly onto the spot.. x


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