Soap and glory shoot..

I was lucky enough to get asked to shoot with Soap and Glory last month for a new range of face masks coming out. The whole thing was so exciting and so surreal being a huge Soap and Glory fan for as long as I can remember. I was part of The Mask Force Five group where we each represented a face mask which suited us best. We all got to try out the masks before and I can genuinely say there isn’t one I don’t absolutely love. I represented Puffy Eye Attack which is an under eye mask to help puffy tired eyes. It’s super hydrating and you notice a visable difference after one use, I could have left them on all night they were so refreshing and soothing. My other personal favourite is the Miracle Moisture Mask, after my holidays my skin has become really dry and tired looking so I’ve been using these which have been helping loads. I thought I’d share my final video with you and some behind the scence snaps I took on the day, hope you enjoy!

IMG_0784 FullSizeRender



Lots of love, Hattie xx



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