Baby baby..

Hattie and I both loved playing with dolls as little girls and were desperate to become mums. Our favourite dolls were baby born dolls and our mum still has our old baby borns and all their outfits now which Blythe loves to play with.


When Blythe was about 1 she chose the soft ‘my little Baby Born’ which has a light up heart and plays music when you press it’s tummy. It is really soothing for nap times and she still loves to play with it now. It’s also a great size for taking out and about because it fits easily in a bag and is light enough for her to carry around. She has been obsessed with babies and dolls from a young age and they are such great toy for children to play with, they are great fro encouraging role play and conversation.


Blythe got given a baby born for her birthday from her godfather and she is obsessed with it. It has amazing features that the old Baby Born didn’t have It can drink water, cry real tears and wee when you press its belly button. You can buy so many accessorise for Baby Born Blythe loves to choose a new outfit for her doll as a treat.


She also has the baby Annabelle doll, which makes sounds, cry’s, laughs, sleeps drinks and wees. The doll has a soft body and is really life like. She loves pushing baby annabelle around in a pram and rocking her to sleep and trying to stop her crying. Its very sweet to watch.

Boys can play with dolls too! Toys are toys and children should be allowed to play with whatever they like. Dolls are predominately marketed as girls toys but this is something thats is starting to change and its great to see brands being more gender inclusive. Otis has a Baby Born boy doll and he loves it, I can tell he’s going to be a very caring big brother! Blythe and Otis love playing with their babies together.




We would really recommend any of these 3 dolls they are the perfect toy for boys or girls and you can have hours of fun with them.

Love M xxx

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