Maternity style..

Being pregnant for the second time has been a really different expeirence so far. I have felt so much better thankfully and have hardly been sick. This has been such a nice surprise as I was genuinely really anxious about being pregnant again. I am almost 17 weeks now and I have started to show. I am finding it really hard to get dressed and find clothes to fit me as I definetly feel bigger this time. Yesterday I went  out for dinner wearing Koreys shirt with my jeans unbuttoned. I found this embellished playsuit in the Zara sale which is really comfy. I bought it in a size Medium, which is a size bigger than I’d usually go for to allow a bit of growing room. It looks like a dress but has little hidden shorts underneath which is actually a saviour when bending down with a bump. I’ve paired it with these super comfy sliders from New Look which my mum personalised for me. They’re my favourite things to wear right now – I love anything personalised. I will be posting as much of my maternity style on here as possible and let you know of any must haves, so keep an eye out.




Lots of love, Hattie xxx

One thought

  1. I love love love the slides so I brought some they are really comfy but I can’t find anywhere the letters, could you tell me where your mum got the letters from??
    Lots of love


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