It’s a BOY!!

We are expecting another little boy in early December and we couldn’t be more excited. I absolutely knew I was having another boy. The only thing that made me question it slighty was the fact I feel so differently in this pregnancy so far and was so ill with Otis. It just goes to show that all this old wives tales aren’t really true and every pregnancy is so different, no matter the sex. I’m so happy that Otis is going to be able to grow up with a little brother who will be so close in age to him, they’ll probably fight constantly but I hope they grow up to be best of friends like me and Mallory. I was always so scared to get pregnant again because of how ill I was with Otis and everyday at the beginning this time round I woke up expecting it to be the day I’d take a turn for the worst, but, so far so good guys! Hooray – there is hope for all those sickness suffers. I’m super looking forward to sharing this pregnancy with you guys so stay tuned as there will be lots more pregnancy posts to come.



Lots of love, Hattie xxx

4 thoughts

  1. Aww congratulations! I have two boys with 16 months between, my oldest wasn’t so keen at first but now he’s obsessed and it’s so beautiful to watch! Congratulations again xxx


  2. You’re so beautiful pregnant! Congratulations!! 🎊 I am a new(ish) mom and had a baby boy this past December! He is now 7 months old and his name is Jae Elijah. Your little one is so handsome! I hope you continue to have a pleasant pregnancy.


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