My hair secrets….

People often ask me what my secret is when it comes to my hair. I think I am lucky to have thick hair which grows quickly and unfortunately there is no secret to that. I do try to look after my hair as having healthy hair makes so much difference. I used to straighten my hair so much and It really damaged it so I have learnt to use heat on my hair as little as I possibly can.


I try and have regular cuts and when ever I go for Highlights or a trim I have a conditioning treatment on my hair to restore it. I try and use a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask at home once a week, or sometimes more frequently if I feel like my hair is dry. I usually wash my hair every other day but sometimes I go longer between washes. I think this is really important because whashing your hair daily can really dry it out. I have been using KMS color vitality shampoo and conditioner for the last month and I really like it. It is a purple shampoo that you can use for every wash and it keeps then colour really bright and fresh. I’ve really noticed a difference with it. I often leave my hair to dry naturally wavy especially in the summer but when I do blow dry my hair I use this Kerastase heat protection spray. I have been using this for a few years now and I really like it.



Diet is  also  really important when it comes to your hair. I eat lots of Fish which really helps to keep  your  hair in good condition, Omega -3 fatty acids provide the oils that keep your scalp and hair hydrated.  I also drink lots of water. Protein is really crucial to healthy and strong hair so I make sure my diet is very rich in protein as well as Iron, too little Iron can cause of hair loss.

I hope this gives you an insight into my haircare, I will be doing a hair styling post next.

Love M xx

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