Meal times with munchkin..

Meal times with a toddler can be tough. You’ve got past the weaning stage but your not out of the woods yet. Meal times are usually messy, noisy and sometimes a battle of wills.

What’s Blythe’s favourite food one week suddenly becomes her worst the next. It can be hard to think of new exciting and healthy meal options week to week especially when pasta is so easy and almost always eaten with no complaints! It’s really important to keep trying new things as challenging as it might seem. Getting them to eat the right amount of fruit and vegetables can also seem impossible. Don’t get me wrong Blythe actually really loves fruit and veg but its still a bit of a challenge. Otis has always been a brilliant eater, he seems to always be hungry and will eat almost anything you put in front of him.  The only thing he hasnt quite mastered is using cutlery, hands are much more fun. 20170504_165003Here is a bit of a food diary:



Blythe and Otis usually have either porridge or some sort of eggs for breakfast. We love these bowls from munchkin they stick down and stop them being able to chuck food all over the floor which is something both Blythe and Otis love to do!


For lunch we often have quite a snacky picnic style lunch Blythe loves boiled eggs, ham and cheese wraps and fruit. I love these Munchkin plates with the sections they are really fun and Blythe loved the fact they are apple shaped.


We love these snack pots, they are super handy for when your out and about but also around the house so that snacks don’t end up everywhere! Blythe loves things like cocktail sausages, carrots, cheese and fruit as a snack and she really likes eating things out of these snack pots.



For dinner Blythe’s favourite food is Pasta or spaghetti and she loves corn on the cob. She has started to like meat and she loves these home made cornflake chicken pieces. My auntie used to make them for us when were little they are so yummy! They are so simple to make you literally cut the chicken, dip it in a whisked egg and dip it in some crushed cornflakes and then bake for about 20 mins. EASY!



Love M xx





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