Getting wedding ready..

My wedding is less then 3 months away and the pressure is on for me to loose weight and feel good about myself. It may seem silly but I want to look and feel like the best version of myself and pregnancy and motherhood have definitely taken a toll on my body! I am putting pressure on myself to get in good shape and be healthier. I want to feel comfortable and confident on my wedding day.


I have been whitening my teeth using trays and gels I purchased from my dentist and so far I have been really happy with the results. I feel so much better about my smile which I think is really important for my wedding.


I have been trying to exercise 6 times a week and I see a personal trainer twice a week. I go to a variety of classes at the gym, Metafit, spin, circuits, body pump and body attack. I am not a natural exerciser as I am someone who has never been particularly sporty and generally avoided exercising. It has massively caught up on me and as a mother I want to teach my daughter the importance of a healthy lifestyle! I have to say although it has been a huge shock to the system and I dread to think how embarrassing I look during the classes, I have been really enjoying it. I am trying to eat healthily and My diet consists of protein and vegetables with small amounts of carbs after exercising.


Diet is always my biggest downfall because although I always eat relatively healthy I eat large portion sizes, this isn’t helped by living with a Rugby player who trains really hard and needs to eat! I also find weekends hard because we are very sociable and I like to go to nice restaurants and have afternoon tea and cake!


Something I have been buying are the M&S healthy ready meals. I find them really handy to have in the fridge for lunch or dinner when I don’t fancy cooking or am pushed for time, which being the mother of a demanding toddler I generally am! They have a really great variety and I would really recommend them.  I have started to notice a difference on the scales and I have gone down a dress size but I am still a bit of a work in progress. I feel much better about myself because I feel healthier and fitter.  hopefully come July I will be feeling really happy with the results of all my hard work.

(I am wearing Gym kit from H&M and my trainers are Addidas by stella McCartney.)

If your looking for a personal trainer  in the Warwickshire area I would really recommend @thebodyhacker -Alex Csompo

Love M xx

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    1. I have been training for a while now but have really upped it with my PT over the last 2 months. It is so hard to stay motivated! I am really enjoying training I find the dieting part hard! xx


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