Wedding shoe shopping..

I have always had a massive shoe obsession which began as a little girl. I’ll admit I love designer shoes but I’m also massively into high street shoes. You can get some amazing on trend shoes in the high street for great prices. For my wedding I wanted something really special but I wanted something I would be able to wear again. I didn’t really want a white shoe because I thought they would be trashed before the wedding day was even over. I’ve always wanted a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. They are so classic and striking. I headed to my favourite shoe department, Harrods.


Their shoe heaven is exactly that! They have such an extensive selection of brands and designers beautifully laid out. After browsing a few designers I headed for Manolo Blahnik and I knew instantly they would be my wedding shoes. The only real desicion was which colour to go for! After a little bit of deliberation I decided on my shoes and I couldn’t be happier with them! I’m so excited to put them on and walk down the aisle!!





After shopping I headed to the Berkeley for afternoon tea. It was beautiful! And such a lovely way to spend a Friday, with one of my beautiful Bridesmaid’s. I would thoroughly  recommend trying it out if you like afternoon tea, for a special occasion. It is designed with the current seasons fashion in mind and each of the cakes is based on a designer.





Love M xxx

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