From bottle to cup…

I have to admit I have found it really hard to get Otis to drink from a sippy cup or beaker. Ive tried so many different ones but none of them have worked for us, even though otis is now 1 and should probably  be drinking from a cup rather then a bottle (according to the health visitor) It’s strange because he likes to drink out of our glasses and bottles but hates the toddler cups I have tried him with.




I had kind of given up and then Mallory suggested I try the munchkin miracle 360 cup. Blythe loves hers and  after trying lots of different cups and brands mallory found most cups leaked after a few uses. This cup looks really cool and It doesn’t leak. I was adamant that Otis wouldn’t like it but he surprised me and loves it too! It took a few try’s to get both Blythe and otis used to drinking from these cups because it’s like drinking out of a normal cup rather then a straw cup, bottle or beaker. But now that Otis has figured it out he loves it too.





If your looking for a toddler cup that doesn’t leak we would really recommend trying the munchkin miracle 360 cup! I haven’t got a bad thing to say about it.

Love H xx

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