Scamp and Dude..

We are so in love with amazing new kids brand Scamp and Dude created by the lovely Jo Tutchener-sharp. When we first met Jo at a mothers meeting event she told us she was working on a children’s clothing brand. We couldn’t be more impressed with Scamp and Dude, we love the  fun and fresh designs and so do children. We have a a bit of a thing for leopard print and Scamp and dude have some great leopard Print pieces including matching mummy and me sweatshirts. We have fallen in love with the adorable super hero characters. Blythe is obsessed with her super hero top! ‘look I’m a super hero mummy” she shouts as she zooms around the house. Jo’s fabulous brand was born after she suffered from a brain haemorrhage and had to spend a long time in hospital away from her gorgeous boys. This inspired Jo to create a brand to help children feel more secure when their parents have to leave them.


The clothes are fab. Blythe and Otis also love the superhero sleep buddies. With one being donated to match every purchase the Scamp and Dude super Hero’s are working hard help a child in need. It is such a lovely idea. The comforters have a special pocket at the back which is perfect for storing a photo of a parent or loved one.  This is going to be so helpful for Blythe and Otis for when Joe and Korey are away.


We hope you love Scamp and dude as much as we do! And if you haven’t already CHECK THEM OUT!! You can shop on their website and also at Liberty London.


Love M xxx

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