The tricky bits..

Parenting is tough, there is nothing in the world that can prepare you for it. Somedays are harder than others but as tough as it is, it’s completely and utterly worth it. Otis is 15 months and going through a really funny stage. He makes me cry with laughter every single day as he’s learning new things all the time. Along with this comes learning what’s dangerous and what’s not. Otis has become a bit of a dare devil and seems to find dangerous things really fun. I am spending my days feeling super anxious about how he might hurt himself.  He has a new lump and bump every week and I’m starting to sound like I make the reasons up as to why he has a new black eye. He has also just learnt how to have tantrums, I was dreading the day and it’s finally here. How on earth do you cope with them? I think I’m quite chilled and have taken the ‘I’m going to ignore you’ approach. So far, not so good but I’m going to perserve with this one and hope it pays off.. really really soon! Some days bedtime feels like a lifetime away and other days I don’t want to put him to bed as we’ve had so much fun. Parenting brings so many emotions but there really is no other way I’d prefer to spend each day. (apart from sometimes alone in a hot country with a cocktail)



Hang in there mama, we are all going through it too. The good bits definitely out way the bad. Lots of love, Hattie xx

One thought

  1. We are going through this with Sonny, he’s becoming a little testing some days and I am trying the ignore it but its hard!! keep up the good work, we are in it together xx


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