Holiday essentials for kids..

I love buying clothes for Blythe as most of you are probably aware! For this holiday I needed to buy everything new as she had outgrown all her summer clothes from last year. I have a new obsession with Kate Mack swimwear and although it is quite pricey the quality is amazing and it’s so cute. There wasn’t loads of high street swimwear available yet at this time of year either.





A great pair of sandals… or 3 is also very important. Blythe, like lots of toddlers has really broad feet and I find it really hard to fit her feet into lots of the pretty sandals and shoes available on the high-street. I also really want her to be comfortable and so I like to buy her good quality shoes which generally means spending a bit more  I know this might seem crazy when children’s feet grow so fast but I want her feet to be comfy and pretty! .Children Salon are great for kids shoes they have so many options. We went for a pair of jelly shoes by Mini Melissa. A rose gold pair of sandals from Young Soles. And our favourite and most worn pair of white rabbit sandals by Step2wo




My favourite place to buy summer clothes for Blythe is Mini Boden. They have the prettiest prints and colours. The do such a good variety of dresses, playsuits and dungarees. I Just can’t get enough of the Mini Boden Range.


Over the last 2 years I have found some fabulous kids products that we can’t leave the country without now.  My number 1 holiday product for kids is Nivea roll on suncream, this is amazing and makes life so much easier. Blythe loves it! When she saw it in our Occado delivery she was so excited and wanted to put some on instantly, weird but cute! Its small and easy to transport for days out and we love it. Another suncream we love is BIODERMA it is brilliant for delicate little skin.


 Childs Farm is a brand I love for kids and we always use their shampoo and bubble bath. Their after sun lotion is amazing! The sun can really dry out children’s skin. This after sun is so lovely it smells incredible of coconuts and is perfect for delicate skin. Another great holiday product from them is there 3in1 swim for keeping hair and skin clean and fresh it also smells delicious!


Love M xxx


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