Deciding on a pram can be really tough, especially because there are so many on the market all claiming to do the same thing. I remember spending hours testing them out in the shops and looking through the internet but finally setteled on a navy Bugaboo Cameleon and couldn’t reccomend it more. It was easy to assemble, lovely to push and looked the part. It was great when Otis was newborn and couldnt walk, but since walking I was looking for something a little more lightweight, smaller when down but still comfortable for him so fall asleep in. I bought a cheap one from mothercare but after one flight abroad the wheels are unfixable and now doesn’t steer properly so was a complete waste of money.




I was lucky enough to be asked to test drive Bugaboos new Bee5 pushchair and it’s safe to say, it’s amazing. It’s everything I have been looking for and more. It’s compact, comfortable and classic. The push is effortless and within a click it’s down. It sits rear and front facing depending on what you’re baby likes best. This will be launching really soon so keep your eyes peeled!


Love Hattie xx

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