The clingy phase..

Otis is now 14 months (oh my good god!!!!) and is going through a really clingy stage. He’s always been really cuddly and loved close contact but at the moment things have reached a new level of cuddly. He is obsessed with holding hands and insists on holding my hand all day long, even while he plays. He likes me being right beside him so he’s able to touch me if he needs. As much as I absolutely love cuddling him, it can be really tough and full on day to day, I mean he doesn’t even let me wee without either sitting on my lap or holding hands. I wouldn’t change him for the world, I have always dreamed of having a baby to just sit and cuddle but when you’ve got things to do it’s a real struggle. I’ve noticed the biggest change since he’s started nursery one day a week, even though he has settled in now I think he’s worried I’m going to leave him. *heart breaks* Hopefully this is just a phase he’s going through and I’m just going to enjoy the cuddles as much as possible as I know soon he won’t be interested in being joint at the hip.





I love my little cuddle bug!
Love Hattie xxx

Otis’ top – @wexbaby on Instagram

One thought

  1. Bless his heart he is such a cutie! I hope my little one still wants lots of cuddles as he gets old but like you say it does make it harder for you! It’s not just them though I am going back to work next month for 2days a week and I am dreading leaving him 😭🙈 xx


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