Neither Hattie or I have ever been sporty people. We never liked P.E at school, we were never part of any sports teams.In adult life, neither of us really exercised, especially me. After having Blythe I put on around 3 stone. Exercise is key to weight lose and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Ironically both Hattie and I are in relationships with sportsmen so our relationship with sport has changed quite dramatically. It is now a huge part of both of our lives. We have both recently started to exercise more, we want this to be a lifestyle change and it is slowly becoming part of our everyday routine. Strangely something I am starting to actually enjoy. Now that we are exercising about 5 times a week we have been on the hunt for the best exercise clothes. We came across ELLE SPORT’s new range USH’AIYA and we LOVE IT! It is so comfy and light weight and we absolutely love the detailing. It is colourful and fun but subtle.  Here are our favourite looks from the range.





My weekly exercise routine consists usually of Monday- Friday Gym classes. I do a combination Spinning, circuits, bootcamp, body pump, body combat, body attack and MetaFit. I am also considering stepping it up with a few PT sessions a week in the lead up to the wedding.




Hattie has started having a personal trainer 3 times a week and is really enjoying it, surprisingly. I think she’s finding it really tough but loves pushing herself! For the record neither of us wear makeup to exercise normally. My gym look is more of a rolled out of bed look which is why I like to have a great outfit to make up for it!



If you are looking for great exercise wear that is comfy and stylish check out ELLE SPORT

Love M xx

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