Wedding makeup trial..

I can’t believe I am getting married this year It doesn’t feel real! To say I am excited is a massive understatement. Hattie and I had a trial for our makeup for my big day with Keshia Golbourne who is an amazing makeup artist and also a friend of Hattie’s. She even has her own lash range which we love! Keshia did such a great job. I haven’t had my makeup done professionally or years, I think the last time I had it done was at Mac for my leavers ball at school. I was a little bit nervous because I don’t really wear very much makeup day to day and it’s always a bit nerve racking having someone you don’t know do your makeup but she put me at ease straight away and I trusted her completely. I loved the finished look although it did feel a bit weird as I don’t usually wear so much makeup. I think the only think I might change is having slightly shorter eyelashes. I really loved the lipstick and foundation she used and we will try and update you with a list of products!





Love M xx

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