Rainy days..

Living in England we see lots of rain and it can sometimes put a bit of a ‘dampener’ on things! When you have small children with lots of energy there is nothing better then a bit of fresh air and rain doesn’t have to mean you can’t go outside! Kids love nothing more then jumping up and down in puddles. As a very wise little pig once said “you must wear your boots!” What she doesn’t mention and we would like to add is that it also helps to have a nice rain jacket to match!  For some reason I have had an obsession with wellies and raincoats since Blythe could walk and as a result so has she. She has always had a few pairs of wellies to choose from and several coordinating coats. The pair she lived in the most were a gorgeous navy pair from Jo Jo Maman Bebe along with a matching yellow fisherman jacket. Sadly she outgrew her navy boots but she has chosen a fab yellow pair this year along with a floral coat to add to her coat collection! a girl can never have to many coat ( or shoes for that matter!) Blythe wanted Otis to be matching with her and so he has his very own pair of yellow wellington boots and matching fisherman’s jacket. Otis loves splashing in puddles just as much as Blythe in his new boots. We love JoJo maman Bebe and have shopped their since we were both pregnant. Both Blythe and Otis wore JoJo baby grows and hats as their first outfits which is  pretty special. We have loved shopping their ever since. It’s always our go to destination to buy presents for new baby’s and mums.





Love M xx

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