My new glasses..

So I thought I’d share with you all that I recently had my eyes tested and found out that I need glasses. After months and months of awful headaches and several trips to the doctors, we finally realised I was short sighted. I had been noticing for awhile that I was struggling to read signs while driving and text on the TV wasn’t as easy to read as it once had been so it definitely all made sense. I had always wanted glasses growing up and always envied people who got out their glasses to read. !e always want what we don’t have don’t we! I found it so difficult picking glasses for myself as I have such a small nose so literally nothing fit, it was pretty frustrating as some of my favourites were a no go. These were the two I chose from Specsavers, I’m still adapting to wearing them and still find it all abit weird but when I actually remember to wear them they make such a difference and feels like I’m living in HD!






Lots of love H xx

5 thoughts

  1. Picking out your first glasses can be interesting finding that perfect pair that fits you just right and looks just right on your face. But in the end you did very well. The glasses you chose are without a doubt very stylish and they do indeed fit you very well. When choosing glasses some of the things you need to always consider is the overall width so they aren’t too wide for your face. And you want your eyes to as close to centered in your lenses as possible and once again your eyes couldn’t be anymore centered. Your glasses should fit across your nose snugly but not too tight. And lastly you always want your eyebrows showing slightly above your glasses frame. So now you only need to get used to wearing them when you need them. You seem to already know that you now need to be wearing your glasses whenever you’re driving as well as watching TV and that would include at the movies as well as viewing a sporting event or concert from a distance. I have a feeling if you’re not wearing your glasses your eyes will soon let you know that they need help seeing. Based on these pictures you clearly look every bit as good wearing glasses as you do without them.


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