When should your child start nursery?

When is the right time to start nursery is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. I think it’s such a hard decsison to make but Korey and I have decided we are going to enroll Otis in nursery within the next few months. I’m lucky enough to be a stay at home mum and spend everyday with Otis which I absoluetly love but I think it’s really important for us both to have a few hours away from eachother for quite a few reasons. I think it’s really important Otis learns a bit of indepence and how to interact with other children. He has lots of friends but as we don’t live near any family it’s very rare Otis is left with anyone but me or Korey. I think the older he’s getting the more important it is for him to learn that it’s ok to be away from us for short periods of time and get used to that before he starts school. I want him to learn that when I leave him I am always going to come back to get him as lots of children get scared there parents are leaving them. I wanted to wait until Otis could walk before we thought about nursery so he’s less reliant on me.

I’ve definitely already got mum guilt just thinking about leaving him but I know he will absoluetly love playing with other children and probably only miss me for about 2 seconds. Not only that but children learn so much from other children which is another reason nursery is amazing for them. They pick up on so much, good and bad but it’s all part of their learning. We haven’t yet decided on a nursery, after seeing a few I haven’t yet had that satisfactoy feeling so I’m going to look until I have. I only want him going somewhere I feel 100% comfortable with. I’m anxious and excited about him starting nursery and very emotional that my little boy isn’t my tiny baby anymore.



Lots of love H xx

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