Otis’s routine update …

Otis is ONE next week guys, how did that happen? I seriously cannot believe how quickly this year has gone and how much I’ve learnt about being a parent. It has been the most amazing journey so far and I wouldn’t change a second of it however daunting it’s been. I think my main worry always is, ‘am I doing this right?’ but I’ve learnt there really is no wrong or right in parenting and just do what works for you.


Otis has been amazing and I’m lucky to have had such a good baby to make things easier for me. He knows exactly what he wants which helps me out massively when it comes to routine. He’s taken to solids really well and replaced bottles with meals and is now in a great routine that works for us all. He now has a 6oz bottle in the morning, 3 meals a day, lots of water and an evening bottle before bed (varies in oz). He has 1 long nap late morning and sometimes another short one late afternoon. Otis has a bath every night as part of a regular routine and goes to sleep around 6.30-7. He sleeps through till about 7.45-8 which I know is amazing! This hasnt always been the case though but I’ve found a few things that I swear by.


1. Grande sleepyhead. As you all know I’ve used a sleepyhead from day one and think they’re amazing!

2. Walk in sleeper. (This is a 2.5 tog baby grow from mothercare) Otis went through a phase of waking in the night whenever the heating went off but he refused to wear a grow bag and always kicks blankets off so a friend suggested these. He started sleeping through again ever since he’s been wearing it!

3. Black out blinds. Otis will not sleep unless its pitch black in the room so these are a must in our house. We also bought a travel black out blind so we still get sleep when staying at other peoples houses! It’s amazing and just sticks onto any window.

4. Ewan the dream sheep. Again, if you read our blog you’ll know he’s a hero in our house!


I always know when he’s teething or not feeling quite right when he breaks his routine because he’s so religious with it. He’s been so poorly with a chest infection over Christmas but he’s finally back to himself and sleeping.. Horray! Routines take time for babies to get used to so give things time and it usually does pay off.

Lots of love Hattie xx

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