New top 4 beauty favourites..

We always love to discover new beauty products and Christmas is always a time when we get new products as presents. Our top 4 new products that we received for Christmas are..

1. Foreo luna mini play. This is a facial cleansing brush that gently cleanses the skin removing dirt and bacteria leaving your skin feeling aaamazing! This is our absolute favourite beauty product right now.


2. Mac amber times nine palette. Hattie bought me this eyeshadow palette having got one for herself and loved the shades, she knew I would love them too. I used to wear eyeshadow quite often before I had Blythe but I tend to be a lot more natural when it comes to makeup these days. These colours have both sparkly evening tones as well as more day to day shadows which are perfect for me. I can use them day to day as well as  in the evening for a more dramatic look.


3. Aesop hand balm. I bought Hattie this hand cream as a table present for Christmas because she suffers from dry skin especially on her hands. Changing nappies and constantly washing your hands can really dry them out and this cream is an amazing treatment. It has made a huge difference to the condition of her skin and she is going to be stocking up on it from now on!


4. Faceinc face masks. These are our new favourite face masks. We love Nails Inc and were so excited when they brought out this range of face masks. They are so hydrating and make our skin feel great. Winter can be really brutal on skin and these are just what we need. Our favourites are the 40 winks mask and the instant detox mask.


Love M xxx

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