Boxing Day is best..

We don’t know about you but we absolutely LOVE boxing day. As a child I often preferred boxing day because it was when you really got to play with your new toys and games and see more family and friends. Hattie and I used to also love hitting the boxing day sales. We are having a pretty chilled boxing day this year and staying put.  We still had presents to open today left over from yesterday. The children were so spoilt by everyone, it was all a bit much for one day! We have learnt our lesson for next year, less is more. Today has mostly been spent trying to rearrange the play room to fit in all the new toys and books. We have had lots more delicious food and a lovely walk to the duck pond to feed the ducks. I can’t believe Christmas is over! All the build up and excitement, still only 363 days till next Christmas.. haha. We hope you are all having a wonderful festive season and want to thank you all for your support this year.






Love M xx

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