Getting ready with baby and me..

I thought I’d share some essential products I couldn’t live without for me and Otis. When I was pregnant I didn’t have a clue what to buy for Otis but now he’s a little bit older I’ve had time to figure out what’s good and what’s not so great. The products I use now I’m a mum are also different as I don’t have that much time for pampering so need quick fix products on a daily basis. The products I couldn’t live without are..

St Tropez face bronzing lotion – This is perfect for an instant glow that develops too. It’s just like a moisturiser with a self tan.
Individual lashes/LVL lashes – Both of these are amazing for mums or people who don’t have much time to do their makeup. LVL lashes curl and tint your lashes leaving them looking so long and is totally natural. Indivual lashes is a little more dramatic but something I couldn’t live without. I’m obsessed.
MAC fix plus – This is one of my favourite products. I use it over my makeup or sometimes without makeup just to make myself look and feel refreshed and awake.
Crest whitening strips – I recently bought these and am obsessed. They’re amazing and actually do work! I’ve noticed a massive difference since using them. (They do make your teeth a tiny bit sensitive though)


For Otis:
Metanium everyday barrier ointment –  I use this daily as a nappy rash creme after most nappy changes, it keeps any redness down. I switch to the one below if he’s teething badly and has more nappy changes than usual.
Metanium nappy rash ointment – This is amazing and so much better than Sudo creme. I used to swear by sudo creme but since Otis starting teething he always gets awful nappy rash and this works amazingly and gets rid of bad nappy rash really fast.
Baby bee bubble bath, shampoo and wash – I’ve used these since he was a few months old and love it. The smell is amazing!



Lots of love, Hattie xx

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  1. Hi Hattie & Mallory, your blog is amazing 😊 Love reading about Blythe and Otis and your style !
    When you both found out you were pregnant what did you take to look after yourselfs and did you use any aps before hand to monitor ovulating etc.
    I have read all of hatties previous posts and it’s lovely to read someone else’s experience and it makes it exciting for me when we will be trying for a baby 👶 soon.
    Thank you girls,
    Claudia xx

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