Christmas present ideas for kids..

Christmas is all about the kids lets face it. They make Christmas magical, the excitement, the build up and their little faces on Christmas morning when santa has been. I love buying presents and spend all year researching and deciding what I will buy for Blythe. If your struggling for ideas and looking for a bit of inspiration or just nosey about what Blythe will be getting this year here are my top gifts for giving to the little ones in your life. I am so excited for Christmas this year, Blythe is that little bit older and has more understanding about whats going on.


 1.  A ride on horse. These are incredible and I am so excited for Blythe to receive hers on Christmas morning. I bought Blythe’s from Selfridges and they come in a variety of animals and sizes.img_31242. If your are looking for a cheaper option with a similar effect I have also got Blythe one of these fancy dress unicorn’s again they come in a variety of animals and one size fits all. They are so much fun as it looks like your child is riding a unicorn/dragon/giraffe/animal of your choosing.


3. Children love pushing their toys around in prams and copying adults. Blythe received one of these Icandy prams and she is obsessed with it, she loves taking her babies out for walks in it and the fact it comes with matching nappy bag means she can store all her little trinkets in. She loves it so much and cry when ever we have to leave the house with out it. I  would throughly recommend buying one of these for your little one especially if they are as baby mad as Blythe. It is the perfect little replica of the real Icandy pram.



4. Galt  water magic colouring book. We can’t get enough of these. They are so magical, every child and adult that has come into contact with one has a go and it is actually very therapeutic. What I love about these is that they are mess free, you just need to fill the pen up with water and your good to go. They can entertain little ones (and big ones) for ages. They come in a variety of different themes as well as more educational number and letter practice. Blythe pretty much has all of them now because I have found them so handy especially for car journeys, rugby games and eating out in restaurants. After a while the colour fades away and drys and they are reusable over and over again. Perfect for a stocking filler.


5. Happy land by ELC is a fantastic range and Blythe has loved playing with the figurines and playlets since she was around 17 months old. They are so good for developing imaginative play and language. She really interacts and has conversations with the little characters and it is so lovely to watch. She has the fairy treehouse, princess castle and plane. She got the advent calendar  this year which has been brilliant and gives her a new figurine or accessory every morning. For Christmas we have bought her the Happy Land Zoo which I know she is going to love and will add to her collection perfectly.



6. Nail stickers, Blythe loves having her toe nails painted already! She is desperate to wear my makeup. I wasn’t expecting this to happen at such a young age and of course I think she is far too young to wear makeup I sometimes pretend to put blusher on her or give her bit of lipballm as lipstick and it makes her so excited.  These nail stickers are so much fun and I know Blythe is going to love them.



7. Lush-fun stuff. Kids love bath time and lush has some amazing products for the whole family I personally love their bath bombs. This fun stuff is amazing for kids it is like play doh for the bath and can be shaped and played with as well as making bubbles and being a soap.


8. Micro scooter mini 2 go– Scooters are so popular and I don’t walk down the street without seeing a child on one. Blythe has been itching to get her hands on one and Hattie bought her one for her birthday. These micro scooters are fabulous especially with the removable seat and storage unit which Blythe loves putting her toys in. She also has a horses head that attaches to the handle which she loves and a special helmet.


9. Books, I love reading and have read to Blythe from a young age and now she loves reading stories too. She has got to that age where she loves to be independent and tries to read stories to her toys or Otis, even the dog has had some stories read to him. It is very cute, they all start with “LISTEN, ONE DAY….” She still loves being read to and one of her favourite stories is ‘Calm down boris’ it is a really interactive story and lots of fun. We also love the first stories series of movable board books. I love this nutcracker version its so colourful and interactive I bought it for Blythe for the first day of advent and we have read it almost every day since.



10. Last but not least I am obsessed with these Jupiduu slides, they come in a range of colours and are stylish but fun! They would look fab in any home as they are super scandi and understated. Kids love slides!


Hope you like my present ideas and I hope Blythe likes them too!
Love M xx

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