England V South Africa

Joe played for England Rugby at Twickenham on Saturday against South Africa and Blythe and I went to watch him. He has been away training hard for the last two weeks and we have missed him so much. It has been tough for Blythe because she doesn’t understand why daddy isn’t at home. She was so excited to see him and so was I. Going to an England game is always such a special occasion, there is so much excitement and build up to the game.  It is also a huge mixture of emotions as I am always incredibly anxious for Joe but  also bursting with pride.  It was an amazing game because England have not beaten South Africa for 10 years and they won 37-21! Joe was also Man of the match which is a brilliant achievement and we are so proud of him!










Blythe had a great day out with all the other players children who she is great friends with, it is a long day for her but she was so good and still bouncing with energy especially when she got to give her daddy a big cuddle. She wasn’t sure about a kiss though as his face was still bleeding.  I wore tailored black trousers from Zara, A Sisters Jane blouse which I am so obsessed with and a red coat from ZARA last winter but they have a similar one now. Were any of you watching the game?


Love M xx

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